Hoplà and Trevalli Professional

A range created by professionals only for professionals

For chefs, pastry chefs and catering professionals Trevalli Cooperlat has created a range of products based on vegetable and dairy fat. The everyday challenges of a professional in his lab are well known, but with the right tools, ingredients and products, everything becomes easier and faster. For this purpose, the company offers two product ranges to meet all clients’ needs.
Hoplà Professional is the vegetable-fat based product range, which includes both sweetened and unsweetened products for salty and sweet recipes. It consists of UHT vegetable fat-based formulas for whipping (already sweetened), for whipping and cooking (not sweetened) and for cooking only.
Trevalli Professional is the dairy line which includes UHT creams with a long shelf life for whipping and cooking (unsweetened), ESL (extended shelf-life) creams and fresh creams for whipping and cooking, aerosol spray whipped cream, and butter.

Hoplà Professional for whipping with sugar
UHT vegetable fat-based preparation ideal for preparing, masking and decorating cakes, filled cakes, semifreddos and ice creams.


  • Easy to whip
  • High overrun (280%)
  • Excellent stability

Key features

  • Based on vegetable fat
  • 27% fat
  • Homogenized
  • No separation
  • High resistance
  • Good stability after 24H
  • Overrun 280%

Trevalli Professional LA 35
UHT unsweetened dairy cream for whipping and cooking, ideal for filling and decorating cakes and particularly indicated for the preparation of bavarians, mousses and semifreddos.


  • Compact structure
  • High resistance
  • No separation
  • Intensely fresh taste

Key features

  • Dairy
  • 35% fat
  • Not homogenized
  • No separation
  • Maximum stability
  • High stability after 24H
  • Overrun 100%

Discover more about the products: www.hoplatrevalliprofessional.it/en/

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