Hoso. Coffee hosomaki

Loto rice, dehydrated avocado, and coffee jelly.
By Alice Raftacco for IFSE
Photo by Saverio Pisano

For the rice

50 g Loto rice
125 g milk
10 g sugar
5 g rum
2 g rice vinegar
2 g salt

Bring the water to the boil in a saucepan and cook the rice for 5 minutes Drain and finish cooking in the milk until it is completely absorbed Mix sugar, rum, rice vinegar and salt; add to the rice. Let cool at room temperature.

For the dehydrated avocado

1 avocado
lemon juice tt*
icing sugar tt

Finely slice the avocado, drizzle with a few drops of lemon juice, sprinkle with icing sugar. Cook for about 15 minutes at 80°C.
*tt = to taste

For the coffee jelly

125 g espresso coffee
75 g water
15 g muscovado sugar
4 g agar agar

Combine coffee, water, sugar and agar and bring to the boil, transfer to a baking tray and leave to cool.


muscovado sugar tt
ground coffee tt
rum tt
coffee caviar tt
espresso coffee tt

Line a mat with food film, brush with rum and dust with muscovado sugar and ground coffee. To form the roll, roll out the slices of dehydrated avocado, the rice, a layer of avocado cut into juliennes and one of coffee beans, then roll it up. Place the roll on a strip of coffee jelly and garnish with coffee caviar and dehydrated avocados Serve with espresso coffee.

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