Icam focuses on professionals by providing a wide range of novelties

Versatile and excellent creams, coatings and pralines respond to market trends and consumer needs. With a wide range of new products Icam breathes new life into the professional sector

A chocolate company in the province of Lecco, Italy, Icam has developed a series of new products for professionals. After a difficult year, the company has strengthened its key role at their side with the versatile items included in the Icam Professional Line, intended as basis of original and tasty sweets.
The Research and Development department, together with the professional technical team, has developed new recipes for couvertures, chocolates and creams. This has led to the launch of a new vegan couverture to meet the demand for lactose-free and vegan products, and of a fresh and light new chocolate, both made with cocoa butter extracted at the Icam Orsenigo factory, near Como.

  • ChocoRice is a made with cocoa and rice powder. It is fit for inclusions and flavouring of leavened products, vegan spreadable creams, glazing sticks and gelato cones and vegan stracciatella.
  • ChocoYo is a white chocolate made with freshly pressed cocoa butter and yoghurt powder enriched by white chocolate and vanilla. It is fit for bars, snacks, lolli-pops and chocolate recipes in general, as an ingredient for fillings, interiors and cremini, for glazing bakery product glazes and biscuit coatings, or as an ingredient for gelato, creams and mousses.

Icam Linea Professionale ZeroP is a range of creams without palm oil and hydrogenated fats replaced by karitè and sunflower oil, in full respect of environment and sustainability standards:

  • Nosetta ZeroP stands out for its refined and intense flavour of gianduja, obtained through a balanced mix of cocoa and roasted hazelnuts. It is excellent as filling and glaze for baked cakes and pies and it can be used as it is or added to chocolate and cocoa butter to enhance their structure, with inclusions, and as a spreadable cream. It is fit for cream flavorings, cake fillings and the coating of small pastries and profiteroles. It is also suitable for gelato variegates and sauces, both pure and with inclusions, and for soft ice cream.
  • Cloe ZeroP shows the typical round flavour of pistachio and it is enriched with white chocolate. Perfect for the filling of croissants, cakes and small cakes, it can be used both as it is or added to cocoa butter or white chocolate to enhance their textures. Customizable with the addition of inclusions and additional pistachio paste, it can be packed in jars or used as premium filling for traditional Easter colomba and festive pastries. In gelato making, it is fit as sauce and glaze in combination with cocoa butter or other oils.
  • Glasover Ice Fondente ZeroP is a specific couverture for gelato. A premium recipe with a full taste of fine cocoa, at low temperatures it shows balanced and clean bitter-sweet notes and a glossy dark colour. It is perfect for iced sticks, bon bons, cones and parfaits.
  • Crema Nutty is a hazelnut-flavoured and glossy spreadable cream intended as filling, which can be added to chocolate to enhance its texture or be combined with inclusions. Perfect for the filling of croissants, cakes and single portions, it can also be baked or used as ingredient in gelato recipes.
  • Crema Caramel is an caramel and toffee flavoured anhydrous cream, that preserves its soft textures when cut. It is excellent as glaze for cakes and large leavened products, as well as for mignons and gelato sticks. It can be used as filling for pralines, either combined with chocolate or with the addition of inclusions, and to flavour creams, mousses and ganache. When whipped in a planetary mixer, it develops a softer texture that makes it fit for decoration and cupcake glazing.

In September two new Agostoni products will also be available. The Agostoni praline mix combining crispy coconut with a base of Giada white chocolate, and the Agostoni praline mix combining almonds, crispy puff pastry, caramelised sugar with Chiara milk chocolate. They are intended to be used as fillings, on their own or added with chocolate to enhance their structure. They are also excellent for the filling of cakes and small cakes, for crunchy icings, for creams and fruity fillings.
To discover new products and learn more about their uses, Icam’s know-how is made available through Chococube technicians. The premium-training hub provides its customers with consultations, videos and recipes to boost innovation and inspiration. While waiting for the opportunity to organize masterclasses in safety, Chococube remains active in online mode and will come back with new contents in the coming months.


Upcoming Chococube courses

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