ICAM is one of the leading companies at the Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster in EXPO Milano 2015: a worldwide ambassador for Italian excellence in the art of chocolate-making that takes visitors on a journey to the cocoa lands.
The venue is a dedicated space at the Chocolate Italian Districts Pavilion, set aside for parts of Italy that boast a high-quality chocolate-making tradition (Turin in Piedmont, Perugia in Umbria, and Modica in Sicily).

“We are proud to be here and part of the important food-related debate at the Expo,” says Angelo Agostoni, Chairman of ICAM Spa. “We are one of a handful of companies in the world that ensures control right the way through the production chain as part of a rigorous approach to manufacturing. Allied to our ongoing technological innovation and the certification of our cocoa, we achieve and maintain the highest quality standards at every stage of the production process.”
At the Chocolate Italian Districts Pavilion, ICAM is telling the story of how the company carefully chooses its raw materials, the various different stages of production and tracking systems, right through to coming up with the recipes for its chocolates, all on special screens and using an engrossing narrative approach.
The ICAM booth, placed at the heart of the pavillon, hosts a workstation: a “showcase to the world” where ICAM Linea Professionale customers, that represent the excellence of the handcraft production, interpret the ICAM chocolate with typical ingredients, according to their local territory.
During the 6-month periodof EXPO, Italian and international chocolate professionals present their commitment in innovation, showing their works and offering  their creations made with ICAM chocolate.
Moreover, ICAM is hosting delegations of cocoa-growers from the countries where the company purchases its raw materials, including Peru, the Dominican Republic and Uganda. Growers present their stories about sustainability and the virtuous partnership with the historic company based in the lakes region of the northern Italy.

Contacts: info@icamprofessionale.it

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