The 18th China Ice-cream Expo will be held on October 13th-15th in Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center. Organized by Tianjin Qilong Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd.
After nearly 20 years of innovation and development, China (Tianjin) Ice-cream Expo has become the biggest cold-food industry festival in Asia and large party of cold-food industry professionals as well as the largest platform for purchasing and ordering of cold-food production machinery and raw material, foresighting of ice-cream cold-food production trend and exchanging and cooperation of cold-food industry in China and overseas. It embraces an annual 20,000 visiting of professional customers and nearly 500 overseas customers over 23 Countries and regions.

The exhibition this year will launch a series of professional activities surrounding some hot spot in cold-food market. The China (Tianjin) Ice-cream Expo expert commission held annually will keep on commencing. According to the feedback of professional customers present in the Expo previous years, the expert commission this year will be subdivided into a number of professional commissions held simultaneously. What’s more, a variety of programs will be added during the activities in order to achieve interactive effect.
Now the” Internet + ” wave has become popular in various field in China. Then how to make China’s cold-food enterprises can also grasp this historic opportunity for development quickly and accurately? The expo will invite experts from Internet Research Institution of China as well as successful entrepreneurs and scholars who firstly set foot in internet cold-food industry. They will illustrate by using real cases for cold-food customers to open the door to Internet Marketing. Lecture about China’s new cold-food production technology and production skills as well as trend of cold-drink product overseas will be host by professor from the researching forefront of cold-food major in colleges and universities, executives from company in China that is wholly owned by foreign firms as well as expert of ice-cream industry will help cold-food customers to learn the development trend of cold-food technology now in the world through analyzing cases and lecturing.
China’s first ice-cream & cold-food packaging entrepreneurs-commission will arrive brand-new at the new exhibition. Cold-drink-packaging started late in China but earned rapid development, the number of cold-drink packaging enterprises visiting each year (including enterprises in packaging equipment and materials as well as other follow-up equipment field )rise up to more than 50.Due to the good effect and large amount of deal, it attracts a lot of foreign customers, showing the huge potential in cold-drink packaging industry in China. China (Tianjin) ice-cream Expo is the first exhibition and communication platform that show and advertise cold-drink packaging wholly as a branch trade and offer ordering and trading, which is highly recognised by cold-drink industry customers. This event will invite a number of boss from leading enterprises in cold-food packaging to research and discuss the present status quo and development trend of cold-drink packaging as well as new packaging technology abroad, which will bring important improvement for cold-food industry customers to promote products with packaging and regard packaging as part of product in order to enhance the product marketing in the future.

Due to the number of audience each session is limited, please apply in advance through the official website of Expo or Wechat platform or directly reply the name of contact people and enterprises for registration. Each customer that finish pre-registration and present will be provided with exquisite souvenirs and conference brochure.

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