Ideabrill Paper Bag 19

Elegance and eco-sustainability in the new Esseoquattro packaging

The special Ideabrill Paper Bag 19 by Esseoquattro allows to pack leavened baked products such as panettone with practicality and elegance, thus increasing their perceived quality. Ideabrill patented fresh-preserver formula protects the product texture and the aroma for longer time than traditional packaging, as confirmed by the tests carried on by the company’s scientific partner, the University of Camerino, Italy. Ideabrill paper bag 19 is a 3-in-1 packaging solution and it is suitable for direct food contact, so there is no need for a transparent plastic bag. It perfectly fulfils the role of a secondary packaging, in substitution of the cardboard box. It has an elegant design and it comes in many different prints.
Ideabrill Bag 19 gives an additional service to the final consumer because thanks to its practical strip closure, which can preserve the leavened cake inside until the last bite. Finally, it can easily substitute the shopper bag because it offers the possibility of creating different types of packaging, some of which can be equipped with a practical handle. Watch the tutorials on

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