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From October 12th to the 14th at Eataly New York…

At Eataly’s, from October 12th to the 14th, Identità New York will add its third chapter. New content will be offered after the opening edition in 2010, and last year’s second edition, in 2011. Three days, from Friday to Sunday and a programme marked by the authors of true masterpieces of the beautiful Italian life, the leitmotiv of this third edition.

«Italy has this special and almost unique thing», Paolo Marchi, the creator and curator of the Big Apple 3-day event explains, «that it envelops extraordinary gastronomic traditions often enhanced in hotels, restaurants and trattorias located in places of intense beauty. Gastronomic Italy, following the innate creative spirit of the population, also knows how to continuously renovate itself and always create new dishes and new emotions».
This attitude is the result of a fortunate geographic location: «Ours is the only country in Europe that can boast coasts that mirror into the African ones, on one side, and mountains shared with Central European countries, on the other. This has favoured the birth of masterpieces that belong to the gourmand paradise of humanity, masterpieces that will be the highlight of the third edition of Identità New York, the beautiful Italian life, narrated by Italian chefs who are able to match against their American colleagues».

The basic idea is that of creating a dialogue between chefs who have roots far away from New York, with the only exception of Michael White, who is now an Italian adoptee: the Chinese American Anita Lo, the Puerto Rican American George Mendes, the Italian American Mario Batali, the Italian Cesare Casella (though his children will be Italian American). At 200 Fifth avenue, chefs managing restaurants in beautiful hotels, in touristic areas which by themselves justify a journey to Italy, will give lectures and cook.

Identità Golose, however, will occupy Eataly during the whole month of October, a showcase presenting the best of Italian products in three days of classes, special tastings and gala dinners, from October 12th to the 14th, the days following Columbus Day. «It’s also a way of emphasizing how much of Italy has come across the American territory», Marchi says.
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