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Identità Golose website is bilingual: all the most important content is published in a double version…


From now on, all content published on the pages of Identità Golose will be in double version: in Italian (as happens daily since the new course of began in May 2011) and, an absolute novelty, in English. This is an obligatory step for those who produce content in Italian, given that its comprehension beyond our borders, at best, arrives at Canton Ticino or in some minuscule Italian-American community in Queens or the West End. A necessary choice, considering the majority of the topics covered is international and also the percentage of English speaking readers (13%).


But it’s also a big financial and editorial effort if you think about the volume of content that enriches our website every day. On the one hand, it will be necessary to plan articles ahead to allow the required time to translate them. On the other, it will be necessary to make timely decisions as we go: this is the case for all the “hot” articles, of topical interest, that cannot be planned nor postponed, given the urgency of the subject. Like the release of the Italian edition of the Michelin guide, for instance, the opening or the closing down of an important restaurant, the real-time account of an event…


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