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The challenges are the same for all bakers, at industrial bakeries and small artisan bakeries. The profession is faced with high energy costs, rising raw material prices and growing competition from cheap discount stores. But relief is on its way in the attitudes of consumers – people are increasingly moving away from price orientation towards nutritional awareness. They are becoming health conscious, and that promotes diversity in bakery and pastry products. Today’s mobile 24/7 society is generating more and more interfaces between work and leisure activities, and the traditional pattern of three fixed meals a day has long since gone. There is a real boom in food on the go, and that is creating new sales opportunities. Nowadays snack products are good sellers for bakeries and cafés, provided they highlight their range as artisan products. Bakers and pastry chefs can find the recipes for success, and the right responses to this and other developments at INTERNORGA at the Hamburg Fair site from 14 to 19 March 2014.

Inspirational tips for practice
With more than 200 exhibitors in the bakery and confectionery area, this leading catering and restaurant fair brings together focused expertise for the art of bakery. It gives a compact overview of the new bakery systems available from equipment suppliers – ovens and refrigeration systems, deck ovens and small units, dishwashers and high-quality convenience products and bakery supplies. The fair also provides information on new nutritional trends. Great importance is attached to practical tips. A special highlight will be the demonstration by the “Wild Bakers”, who present imaginative baking in exciting show baking sessions. And the Pink Cube trend forum features presentations on international bakery concepts for restaurant chefs and bakers. Trend researcher Karin Tischer, owner of the food & more institute, will be back again after a successful start last year, analysing forward-looking concepts and market drivers. Both of these programmes are free of charge for INTERNORGA visitors.

Shop fitting – presentation of manual skill and individuality
Professional shop fitters enable bakers and confectioners to stand out from their competitors in the food retail business by targeted presentation of goods – they design customised models with complete concepts, modular systems, flexible solutions and an original setting. Artisan bakers are concerned above all with authentic presentation of their craft. Authenticity and individuality are the key attributes. “We work with our clients to develop the concept and design. The specific tailoring of the project is a process which has to be closely linked to the identity and core competence of the baker”, says Gerd Meurer, Managing Director of Berner Ladenbau GmbH, a shop fitting company with a great tradition.

Oven equipment – show baking pulls in the customers
Bakers can use an in-store oven to great advantage – that enables them to give hourly demonstrations of their artisan skills and product freshness, giving a real boost to sales. Numerous manufacturers show what they can do, with dependable oven technology that features simple controls and uncomplicated cleaning. “What bakers are looking for, alongside safety, smart appearance and practical handling, is energy efficiency – that is greener and it saves money. We meet customer wishes for energy efficiency and high-quality baking products, with innovative ideas such as longitudinal insert, a heat reflecting inspection window to reduce radiation losses, and use of economic STIR technology,” says Claudia Weidner, Marketing Director of bakery oven manufacturer WIESHEU. And the ovens look good, too – combining hypermodern technology with a touch of nostalgia.

The finest ingredients and the ultimate in convenience for bread, fine pastries and biscuits
Suppliers and manufacturers of raw materials, semi-finished products and deep-freeze bakery products are well represented at INTERNORGA. There is increasing demand for tasty bakery products with added minerals, vitamins or protein. The trend is towards darker ingredients with more fibre, and products from traditional grain varieties such as spelt, grünkern and millet are coming into fashion. The range can be extended by use of modern convenience products from finished dough for stirring to ready-to-use gelatines with fruit flavour. It takes time to produce quality, especially in baking. Thus yeast-free sourdough bread normally requires 3-stage preparation, but starters such as the new BackNatur rye ferment can substantially shorten the baking process. “The time saving for the baker is evident, using a one-stage sourdough preparation process without the addition of yeast, and it really gives him a 100% rye product,” say Thomas and Monika Lepold, owners of BackNatur Lepold GbR.
INTERNORGA has been the leading European trade fair for hotels, restaurants, institutional catering, bakery and confectionery ever since 1921. It is held in March every year, with more than 1,200 exhibitors from Germany and abroad displaying their innovations, trends and complete solutions for the whole of the out-of-home market. In addition to the exhibitors’ presentations, there is a big programme of supporting events, international conferences, award presentations, and innovative side-event concepts. One of the focal areas is traditionally baking and confectionery. It highlights the latest technical developments in ovens, proofers and refrigerating equipment, and also modern shop fitting and the latest in ingredients and supplies. INTERNORGA also shows everything needed for successful expansion of traditional core business, such as furniture, tableware and cutlery, coffee making machines and microwave ovens. INTERNORGA is traditionally held at the Hamburg Fair site, at the heart of Hamburg. Admission is subject to proof of trade visitor status. The admission charge is EUR 29.50 (or EUR 38 for a 2-day ticket); concessionary rate for trainees in the trade EUR 16. More information on INTERNORGA 2014 available at:



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