InterSICOP LIVEConnect makes March 2021 the month for bakery, cakes and ice cream

The InterSICOP’s new online participation platform will bring together all the sector’s trade supply and demand, linked to the face-to-face meeting in February 2022
From 1st to 28th March 2021


InterSICOP LIVEConnect will bring together the entire community of specialists in bakery, pastries, ice cream with TecSICOP (machinery, equipment and technology) using an innovative digital platform. LIVEConnect is equipped with an artificial intelligence system to enhance relations and contacts between supply, demand, and relevant content. InterSICOP LIVEConnect’s first phase, from 1st to 28th March 2021, and periodically after that, will bring together several sector-specific activities, to keep sector moving until we hold the Fair in February 2022.

In the words of InterSICOP director Raul Calleja, “Participating will be a great opportunity for all the sector’s companies to show, to talk about, to contact new customer profiles, to spread the word, and to boost the visibility of their brands and products in new, specialised digital environments. And it will provide spaces for the trade’s thousands and thousands of professionals to continue to update their know-how and stay at the forefront of their field. We have to contribute institutional, associative and business support, to position the sector as one of the main specialists and suppliers.

Over the first four weeks of March, InterSICOP LIVEConnect will become Spain and Latin America’s largest community and only professional social network specialising in the bakery, pastry, and ice cream sectors. Professionals from countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Brazil will strengthen trade links and increase their knowledge through a series of institutional and business actions, with spaces for networking between participating companies and buyers from Latin American markets.



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