Janice Wong presents Softhaus

In Singapore, the happy house where gelato is for everyone


On August 19th, Janice Wong, the soul of Janice Wong Singapore, inaugurated the Softhaus concept, dedicated to gelato (located at the Great World of the Kim Seng Promenade # B1-K135, Singapore): a multisensory experience driven by the idea of togetherness , an “indulgent gelato experiences minus the guilt”, as you may read on her Instagram @softhausicecream. Janice creates an inclusive menu with 16 flavors, including sorbets, according to different dietary needs, with references without sugar and other plant-based and keto-friendly. Without giving up the creamy consistency that distinguishes the cold dessert.

Waffle bowl strawberry sorbet, popcorn and macaron. By Janice Wong (Softhaus).

Creativity comes from 22 toppings, whether you are looking for crunchiness or a delicacy that brings you back to childhood, including sauces, chocolates, macarons and marshmallows, aloe vera, cotton candy, and speculoos. “I always wanted to create a nostalgic, joyful and fun ice cream experience, in which not only adults can have fun, but for the whole family”, Janice says, and also for gelato she draws on the imagination to “create flavor”. The shop itself evokes joy, thanks to the extravagance of the walls in pastel pink and cream yellow, decorated in bright red, turquoise and cobalt, including animations and digital motion.

Rainbow colored bread with gelato (Softhaus).

The mango, banana and passion fruit are spicy, the chocolate sorbet and toasted pistachio are keto-friendly, and the pear thyme sorbet has the properties of eucalyptus honey. The gelato is customizable, served in a waffle cone, in a cup or between a rainbow-colored bread. And it is ethical, as Janice pointed out in an interview to HerWorld, talking about the sources complete control and quality of ingredients, farmers support and fairer prices.



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