Janice Wong. The interview

Expectations and ongoing projects.
Special interview to Janice Wong


Dear Janice, what are your professional expectations for 2020?
I hope we’ll continue to push the boundaries of sweet experiences by innovating, learning and improving. In terms of the Janice Wong brand, we’re looking to build our retail presence worldwide with global expansion opportunities.

What will evolve in your work?
For the dessert restaurant, one thing that has been constant since the start is that 2am:dessertbar offers a sweet experience on a plate. However, what has changed and continues to evolve is the marriage of different experiences together with the sweets. For example, we used to pair our desserts with wine. Now, we pair our desserts with cocktails, so the palate has changed in this sense. We want to keep creating different types of sweet experiences at 2am:dessertbar and we will continue to evolve with different ingredients to achieve this. At the same time, I hope to keep the dessert restaurant as a place of comfort for our guests.

About your ongoing projects?
We’re focusing on our newest project with Universal Studios. I’m really excited as we have about ten new products coming up for this. We also just launched the Janice Wong brand in Korea this year, so we’re working to grow our presence there.

Any new ideas for Easter?
Answer: We’ll definitely come up with some exciting offerings for Easter. Right now we are focusing our R&D efforts on the year end festive season and next year’s Chinese New Year.

From your point of view, how are consumer tastes evolving?
Our approach is very much driven by the people and how consumer habits and preferences are changing. For example, the awareness for wellness is a trend that is happening all over the world and not just in Singapore, so we always bear this in mind when sourcing for our ingredients and looking for opportunities to create new products.





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