June has been a month full of appetizing and amazing events: in Cocoa & Chocolate Cluster, at Icam Booth, lots of chocolate & pastry chefs and renowned companies have delighted Expo visitors with fantastic and precious creations, through cooking shows and exclusive tasting events. In particular, the flavours of the South Italy have been the protagonists, combining chocolate with typical products from Campania, Sicily and Calabria.

A tasting journey which started from the innovative chocolate “Atmospheres” of Benito Bakery in Casal di Principe, then turning towards the delicious MaxTris “confetti cioccomandorla” of Italiana Confetti (Naples), arriving finally in Sorrento, with the pralines, “scorzette” and lemon cookies by Limonoro company.
Continuing our tasting trip, we landed in Siracusa, with the prestigious “Don Camillo” cake by Brancato Bakery, and finally we tasted the Calabrian “Torrone di Bagnara IGP” by Kiarella.

SweetPlanet by Benito: a sweet union of chocolate Icam Bianca Edelweiss, Marsala cream and Neapolitan coffee.
It’ s one of the four creations of the 2015 collection conceived just for Expo, produced directly in the Icam Booth


Benito and his cooking show

  Benito  Odorino, from Benito Bakery in Casal di Principe (CE) performs with a cooking show, where the spectators can taste each step of his creation “dWine”.
The public is engaged in a tasting itinerary which starts from Icam Dark Chocolate Madagascar 71% and Icam Milk Chocolate Regina 35%,
combined with red wine Falernum and Mediterranean mixed berries.

benito public tasting 2  benito public tasting

Confetti MaxTris (Italiana Confetti): Tenerezze al Cioccolato offered to the visitors.

maxtris confetti

With Icam Dark Chocolate Madagascar 71%, Celotto makes pralines filled with prosecco and pralines filled with pistachio – fig – lemon&almond cream.

celotto 2

Carmelo Brancato performs with a cooking show and makes the «Don Camillo» cake in front of hundreds of spectators.
«Don Camillo» is a refined symphony of chocolate «Black & White» with a delicate pistachio cream


Brancato realizes the decoration for the «Don Camillo» cake: a sheet of Icam Dark Chocolate Vanini 72% covered by pistachio from Bronte

brancato 2

The public has tasted «Matiniana IGP» torroncino (made with Icam unsweetened cocoa powder and covered by sugar),
friable torroncino covered by Icam Dark Chocolate Regina 61%  and friable torroncino with host (Kiarella).

matiniana torrone


High quality products and original initiatives by Icam have achieved resounding success.
And the rich Icam cooking shows agenda will offer great events also for July; interesting initiatives to explore new lands of the excellence pastry world.

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