KAWAI Easter Collection by Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini presents the KAWAI Easter Collection 2017.
Available from February

The new Kawai Easter Collection by Pierre Marcolini features the iconic Oriental graphisms of traditional Japanese Kokeshi.

Pierre Marcolini has conjured up a world of mesmerizing tricks where Japanese dolls magically morph into Easter eggs, where hand fans are made of chocolate, and miniature eggs resemble shimmering pearls.
The Kimono Doll (height 30 cm) is made with Maison dark and white chocolate, and comes with a fabulous array of miniature eggs in six different flavours such as white chocolate pistachio praline, milk chocolate hazelnut praline, white chocolate almond praline, milk chocolate nougat praline, double fondant and double milk. Alongside an extraordinary procession of caramel animals and white chocolate bells.
Marcolini also presents the Hand Fan Doll (24 cm) in Maison milk chocolate figurine with a white chocolate fan and a assortment of miniature Easter eggs made from four different types of praline: white chocolate pistachio, milk chocolate hazelnut, white chocolate almond, milk chocolate nougat.
The Mini Doll comes in two versions: Maison dark chocolate with white chocolate almond praline egg, and Maison milk chocolate with white chocolate pistachio praline egg.
The Chocolate Eggs are available in either dark or milk Maison chocolate; these come in 2 sizes: 500g egg filled with 22 miniature eggs and 6 chocolate bells and caramel animals; or 250g egg filled with 7 miniature eggs and 2 caramel animals. The miniature eggs come in six flavours.
This year, Maison Pierre Marcolini’s deliciously eyecatching Easter Eggs come in Boxes comprising four different types of praline such as white chocolate pistachio, milk chocolate hazelnut, white chocolate almond and milk chocolate nougat, as well as a double milk and a double chocolate fondant. Rabbits, bells and other Easter classics are transformed into chocolate delights in this box, which is made up of milk and white chocolate caramel rabbits, dark chocolate caramel ducks, white chocolate bells and milk chocolate caramel snails.


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