La Colomba by Fiasconaro and Dolce&Gabbana

The symbol of peace and rebirth, the research of the most genuine raw materials, a skilled attention to traditional artisanal manufacturing, the scent of holidays spent with the family: here are the unmistakable ingredients of the Colomba, the new speciality pastry of the Italian tradition, which enriched the Dolce&Gabbana and Fiasconaro collection

Starting from March 2021, three new variations will be available, each in its own magnificent Dolce&Gabbana package: the Colomba with Sicilian Almonds, the Colomba with Sicilian Chocolate and Wild Strawberry Jam, and the Colomba with Sicilian Chocolate. A natural leavening ensures incomparable lightness and fragrance, exalting at the same time the genuineness of the ingredients selected with scrupulous care among the excellences of the territory. A handmade process in every single phase, from the dough to baking, pays tribute to the pastry tradition of the Bel Paese, handing down its secrets with love. Wonderful tin boxes, specially decorated with ornaments by the best Sicilian artists, inspired by the blue and white majolica of the island, help to preserve the intense aroma of these sweet creations bringing the intense memory of the “Blu Mediterraneo” and the freshness of a sea breeze.
The Colomba by Dolce&Gabbana and Fiasconaro tells the new chapter of a true Italian story all about excellence, knowledge and passion for quality food: an unconditional love, shared by two realities that continue to eagerly promote Beauty and craftsmanship in the world.


The recipes

The Colomba with Sicilian Almonds
A traditional recipe, available in the 750 g format guarded in an elliptical tin, enhances the fragrance of the dough thanks to the fresh Sicilian candied orange and the coating of icing and the finest Sicilian almonds.

The Colomba with Sicilian Chocolate and Wild Strawberry Jam
A real delicacy with a double glaze of dark Sicilian chocolate and wild strawberry jam, enriched by exquisite chocolate drops and accompanied with a jar of Sicilian chocolate cream, is offered in the 1 kg format (800 g and 200 g of cream) kept in an elegant rectangular tin.

The Colomba with Sicilian Chocolate
Kept in a tiny elliptical tin, a Colomba in the 100 g mignon format, covered with icing and
with Sicilian chocolate drops, completes the collection.

The products will be available at Martini Bar in Milan (Corso Venezia 15), at and in selected gourmet stores in Italy and abroad.

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