La Liste awards Gianluca Fusto

La Liste Pastry awards Gianluca Fusto

Pierre Hermé receives Award of Honor in the presence of over 40 chefs he trained.
Amaury Guichon crowned World’s Most Creative Pastry Chef, sponsored by Cacao Barry.
Fusto Milano is one of the discovery awarded
On 7th September in Paris, La Liste, an independent restaurant ranking founded in 2015, celebrated first anniversary of World’s Best Pastry Shop Selection, presented by CacaoBarry, and launched inaugural global LA LISTE Pastry Special Awards at annual garden party. More than 500 lucky guests enjoyed the pastries from Emmanuel Ryon (signature gelato and sorbet-filled mochis and marshmallows), Solenn Le Squer & Thomas Padovani (Frappe croissant rolls made with Cacao Barry), Yann Couvreur (Isatis and red fruits sundaes), Marius Dufay, and Anne Coruble.
La Liste choses to recognize outstanding talent, creativity, diversity, innovation, and commitment across the pastry sector. The 11 categories recognize 25 pastry chefs and owners across 15 Countries, showcasing international talent in a dynamic growth industry.
Pierre Hermé receives LA LISTE Pastry Award of Honor 2023, for his contribution to the industry, repositioning pastry as high art, and reshaping the global pastry scene.
“I am honored and moved to receive this award as it holds great significance, especially for Maison Pierre Hermé Paris, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year,” says Pierre Hermé. “Being a pastry chef today means being a creator, pursuing a profession of inspiration and passion, and fostering one’s intuition and creative prowess. An event like this contributes to the promotion of our profession, our craftsmanship, and sparks imagination about what the brilliant future of pastry will look like.”
Photos Thomas Bismuth
Amaury Guichon, Las Vegas-based pastry chef, awarded LA LISTE World’s Most Creative Pastry Chef 2023, sponsored by Cacao Barry, for his outstanding innovation, chocolate masterpieces, and vast community of online pastry lovers.
Photos Thomas Bismuth
La Liste awards also GianlucaFusto, as discovery, for its flagship  boutique, research lab, workshop, and event space from in Milan, FustoMilano.
Photos Thomas Bismuth
Pastry Special Awards 2023
BEST AFTERNOON TEA AWARD: The Connaught Patisserie by NicolasRouzaud in London, an impeccable afternoon tea that marries a traditional form and location with bold, whimsical pastry.
BEST PASTRY SHOP EXPERIENCE AWARD: Rocambolesc, a breakthrough ice cream concept popping with playfulness and nostalgia from El Celler de Can Roca’s Jordi Roca & Ale Rivas, Girona (also in Madrid, Barcelona, and Houston, Texas). 
INNOVATION AWARD: PhilipKhoury at Harrod’s, London for great advances in plant-   based pastry and new book A New Way To Bake; YannCouvreur, in Paris and internationally, for setting the standard in organic, natural, and seasonal pastry
GAME CHANGER AWARD: Lauren V. Haas, US who inspires pastry chefs to think beyond plastic with her recycled paper molds, and to use sustainable ingredients such as Cacao Barry’s WholeFruit chocolate.
NEW TALENTS OF THE YEAR: Eunji Lee of Lysée, New York who blends Korean flavors with classic techniques to make playful lifelike pâtisserie; Dej Kewkacha, Bangkok for his dessert-only menu at Kyo Bar; Mayada Badr of Pink Camel in Jeddah, a culinary leader and ‘macaron queen’; TejasviChandela, chef-owner of Jaipiur’s first pastry shop, Dzurt; OphélieBarès, who brings high end techniques to neighborhood bakery, Encore in Paris
ETHICAL & SUSTAINABILITY AWARD: JérômeRaffaelli and KevinYau, pastry chef and co-founder of Oh Faon ! in Marseille, the city’s first 100% plant-based bakery, creates light, flavorful pastry firmly rooted in the region.
ARTISAN & AUTHENTICITY AWARD: Historic coffee house Demel in Vienna, Austria, with heritage bakes such as Sachertorte and Dobostorte; Bontemps in Paris, where pastry chef and co-founder Fiona LeLuc devotes herself to the sable biscuit.
OPENINGS OF THE YEAR AWARD, sponsored by Prova Gourmet: Cookie-lovers choice Crème, established in London, with 2023 openings in Paris & Bahrain; pandemic success story TartsAnon, whose founders pastry chef Gareth Whitton and Catherine Way have opened two pastry shops in 2023 in Melbourne, Australia; Melamed sisters, chef Belu and designer Elsa for La Pastelería Belu Melamed, Buenos Aires, Argentina; new-gen Parisian pastry shop Frappe, known for its infamous croissant rolls, from Solenn Le Squer & pastry chef Thomas Padovan; celebrated Julien Dugourd formerly of La Chèvre d’Or opens first pastry shop in Nice, La Pâtisserie Julien Dugourd, with a second planned for Paris.
DISCOVERY AWARD: FustoMilano, the flagship  boutique, research lab, workshop, and event space from GianlucaFusto in Milan; BRIXDesserts, a multi-sensory experience and the  only dessert tasting menu in the Middle East from Carmen Rueda Hernandez, Dubai; PâtisserieRhubarbe, which sets the standard for pastry technique, seasonality, and creativity in Canada, from Stéphanie Labelle in  Montreal; PâtisserieAsakoIwayanagi, a must-visit sweet stop in Tokyo for Iwayanagi’s intricate, many-layered parfait; LaGoutted’Or, Parisian favorite Yann Menguy transports his beloved pastry to Fort-de-France, Martinique.

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