“Le Kiss”

by Romain Lievre

The Pastry Shop Romain Lievre,  situated at the heart of Paris, proposes  exclusively Le Kiss
Chocolate Madong 70% mousse and its Raspberry jelly on a chocolate biscuit gluten free.
The Pastry Chef holds its inspiration of the biggest Parisian jeweller’s stores.

For 2 flexipan (40 pieces)
Mousse Madong:
•    310 g of milk
•    310 g of cream
•    62 g of sugar
•    125 g of egg yolk
•    900 g of whipped cream
•    725 g of chocolate Madong 70%

With the yolks, sugar , cream and milk make a custard and pour over the Madong coverage. Whip the cream into fluffy and mix with custard when it is cold .

Raspberry jelly :
•    1 kg of raspberry
•    10 leaves of gelatine

Heat 1/3 pulp to incorporate gelatin then add the remaining pulp, put aside.


Chocolate Biscuit :
•    375 g of almonds
•    375 g of sugar
•    375 g of egg white
•    225 g of chocolate Tannea 72%

Beat the whites stiffly and then tighten them with the sugar , blend with a maryse almond powder , then pour the chocolate previously melted . Bake the cake at 170 ° C for 9mn.

Flocking Chocolate :
•    200g cocoa butter
•    250g white chocolate coating
•    as required dye    

Heat all in the bain-marie.

Mounting :

Incorporate your chemisant foam edges and add the jelly layer and block in the freezer. Then smooth with foam then add your chocolate biscuit. Once taken , flock “The Kiss ” using a sprayer with your colored cocoa butter .

Romain Lievre Patisserie
27 Rue Saint Jacques

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