The pastry chefs Relais Desserts present you a selection of their Christmas creations

Alban Guilmet presents the Bûche Océanie
Light cream with Tahiti vanilla, compote of exotic fruits grown in Australia, creamy coconut, soft biscuit, and biscuit shortbread.

Buche Oceanie 1000x759 2

Jean-Paul Hévin presents the Bûche “HOPE”
Crunchy almond shortbread, cocoa biscuit, Grand Cru Ecuador black chocolate mousse, chestnut biscuit, and caramelized crème brûlée.

HopeBuche 0002 OKHD 1000x749

Mathieu Kamm creats the Bûche Sorrana, with a avocado mousse, fresh and smoked salmon rillettes, pesto biscuit and Parmesan Shortbread Reggiano DOP.

Buche Sorrana 1000x837

Is Bûche Love Chouchou the creation for Christmas 2019 by Maëlig Georgelin.
Crispy shortbread, chocolate raspberry sacher, ultra creamy tea, pure fruit mousse with raspberry brambles, and pure dark chocolate Peru ganache mounted.  

Love Chouchou 1000x827

Pierre Hermé present the exlcusive Bûche the Incontournables of Paris.
Chocolate macaroon biscuit, chocolate ganache, caramel chips, chocolate mousse, chocolate chips with fleur de sel.


Thierry Mulhaupt presents  the Bûche Casa Rivera Del Cacao in Limited Edition Limitée (only 119 pieces)

BUCHE CRDC 1000x750

Arnard Larher revisited a classic of French pastry and presents the Bûche Forêt Noire, which donates a game of tastes and textures with its chocolate biscuit punches cherry juice, dark chocolate mousse 65%, crunchy dark chocolate, cream whipped with vanilla infusion and scented with kirch decorated with cherries and chocolate chips.

1909 A.LARHER 02 1000x758

Jérôme De Oliveira presents the Bûche Comète in Limited Edition, inspired by one of the 8 historical reindeer of Santa Claus, the one known to bring happiness to children. This Bûche with perfumes of pear, caramel and speculoos will be on sale in Intuitions by Jérôme De Oliveira stores (in Cannes and Grasse) for the end of the year celebrations. The 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the association to help advance research against the esophageal atresia.
Below, also his Saint-Honoré du Réveillon de la St Sylvestre.

Buche Comete 1000x1341

St Honore de la St Sylvestre 1000x1000

Bavella Forest Bûche
This iced cakissime® is an ode to Corsica and its specialty, the chestnut. Chestnut ice cream, blackcurrant sorbet, dacquoise and mascarpone cream … Nicolas Bernardé shows that he is not cold to the eyes! Christmas Cakissime® is available on order and its is gluten free.
Nicolas Bernarde Foret de Bavella Guillaume Czerw 1000x1334

Vianney Bellanger presents the Bûche Cuba. Two bûches rolled in a cocoa biscuit with moss and chocolate ganache of Cuba nature and smoked on a crunchy cocoa and grué. This bûche in Limited Edition is served in a silk screened wooden box.

Bellanger Cata Noel4140 1000x676

Vincent Guerlais creates Magie de Noël. Mexican chocolate mousse, fresh vanilla poached pears, vanilla caramel, hazelnut biscuit.
And Magie du Nouvel an:  a jakarta chocolate mousse, Yuzu cream, soft chocolate biscuit, and Piedmont hazelnut crunch.

Magie de Noel2 Vincent Guerlais photo JChritopheLeroux 1000x1000

Magie du Nouvel An Vincent Guerlais photo JChritopheLeroux 1000x1000

Finally, Bernard and Jan Proot present the Bûche  glacé for 4, a cocoa streusel with chocolate  and stracciatella gelato.

Buche glacee 1000x666



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