Leonardo Di Carlo at the French Pastry School



Leonardo Di Carlo will be in Chicago from July 23rd to July 26th

leo a chicago

Chef Leonardo Di Carlo, will join The French Pastry School for the second time to teach a brand new four-day, hands-on course geared towards teaching professionals new techniques and trends to add to their business’s offerings. This year, Di Carlo focuses his unique style of French-inspired Italian pastry on composed frozen desserts by incorporating gelatos and sorbets into many of his recipes. Di Carlo will concentrate on the interplay between textures and flavors as he combines gelatos, sorbets, sponges, crumbles, icings, and more with subtle complexity. Leo is also the author of the book “Tradizione in Evoluzione – Arte e Scienza in Pasticceria” (Tradition in Evolution – art and science in pastry making) which is affordable on our website at the following link, http://shop.chiriottieditori.it/index.php?route=product/product&;product_id=100


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