Line R: the Multi-function making even ice cream!


Since 1959 on the market of cold equipment, the Italian company Staff Ice System  presents R Line:
one machine, lots of applications.

Very high quality components and great versatility make the Multi-function of R Line by Staff Ice System a must for the pastry chef. Every Multi-function machine is supplied with all the features that grant you the best performances and reliability in all those recipes that require temperature control during the heating , cooling and mixing phases, and it is the ideal tool in pastry-making to have custard cream, candied orange peels, bran for pie, nougat, fondant sugar, melting chocolate, ganache, wheat for “pastiera”, jellies, jams and much more …giving also the opportunity to offer the customers daily fresh ice- cream, frozen desserts, cakes and “granita” of high quality.   
The Multi-function machines designed by Staff Ice System represent a modern and convenient innovation in the the world of handcraft food’s preparations. Expressing great authenticity and craftsmanship they keep and value the organoleptic properties of the ingredients, because during the pasteurization cycle the temperatures are always lower than the traditional boiling. The perfect integration between basic electronics and the Inverter enables you to obtain any kind of mix, without limits to your creativity, as made by hand. And to all this you can add the undisputed quality of the used components.   
The R line includes eleven models.


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