Fabrizio Fiorani presents “LOVE”
Crispy peanut cremino and Vanilla toffee
In Avanguardia” Chiriotti Editori

Crispy peanut cremino

100% peanut paste 150 g
Dulcey 32% chocolate 200 g
Cervia salt 2 g
Eclat d’or 30 g
total 382 g

Whisk the Eclat d’Or finely. Temper the Dulcey chocolate and add the peanut paste, then the Eclat d’Or and Cervia salt.

Vanilla toffee

sugar 250 g
dextrose 100 g
cream 35% fat 375 g
glucose syrup 60DE 75  g
butter 82% fat 100 g
cocoa butter 30 g
vanilla 5 g
total 935 g

Bring the cream and vanilla (both the pod and seeds) to a boil. Prepare a dry caramel with the sugar and glucose syrup. Cook it until intense brown and deglaze with the hot vanilla cream and dextrose.
Cool down and add the cocoa butter at 40°C, emulsifying with a hand blender. At 32/35°C, add the butter cut in small cubes. Temper the Opalys 33% chocolate and use it to make a thin layer in a suitable mould. Let it crystallize and fill half the mould with the crispy peanut cremino. Let it crystallize again and pour the vanilla toffee.
Crystallize and cover with some tempered white chocolate. Remove from the mould and glaze it with red cocoa butter.
Complete with edible silver fragments.


Fabrizio Fiorani
“Avanguardia” – Chiriotti Editori
photo Giancarlo Bononi
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