Lunar new year with Janice Wong Singapore


The Chinese New Year is approaching, a spring festival or Lunar New Year, one of the most heartfelt holidays that celebrates the beginning of the new year according to the traditional Chinese calendar

For this occasion, Janice Wong, from Singapore, awarded the title of Asia’s Best Pastry Chef for two years, also famous for her edible installations in chocolate with a pop art style, presents a new selection of biscuits and confectionery. Pineapple flowers tarts and Pineapple balls, Macadamia Raisin, Dark chocolate and Espresso, Alkue bangkit (a small biscuit made with Malaysian sago starch) and Panut Butter Brittle and Almond Orange Marzipan are presented in cans, paired with wines, lollipops, Toffee Popocorn, and tea.

Online, the iconic three Koi Fish chocolates, hand painted with natural colors, 76% Ecuador single origin dark and Pralin Feuilletine and candied orange, are already sold out. It remains to taste them by choosing the gift boxes in which they are proposed together with floral compositions with orchids and willow branches.


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