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Janice Wong launches her first eponymous sweets brand JANICE WONG.
On occasions of the Chinese Lunar New Year she reinvents a classic delicacy, Pineapple Tarts.


She has been presenting her edible art at numerous public exhibitions and corporate events since the opening of her dessert bar in 2007. The chef-owner of 2am:dessertbar (21a Lorong Liput, Holland Village, Singapore) and recipient of Asia’s Best Pastry Chef for two consecutive years (2013 and 2014) Janice Wong launches her first eponymous sweets brand JANICE WONG. She is excited to introduce her artistic creations, now available for purchase, to a larger customer base.

Janice Wong
On occasions of the Chinese Lunar New Year JANICE WONG reinvents a classic delicacy, Pineapple Tarts. Sandwiched between baked-to-crumble biscuits is pineapple paste made from fresh pineapples and salted caramel. The pineapple paste comes in two flavours: Traditional Pineapple and Banana Pineapple. Lastly, we also dipped our traditional tarts into 76% dark chocolate.

Pineapple tarts chocolate Lunar New Year home

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Janice Wong is the only sweets boutique in Singapore that creates interactive, edible art for imaginative souls, in an era that craves personal expression and embraces nostalgic pleasures. With the new sweets boutique, Wong aims to inspire customers with her own memories and experiences as a child, through a wonderland filled with marshmallow paintings, chocolate bonbons, chocolate balloons and kites, assorted spherical cake, fruit rolls and more. For those who are inspired to create their own chocolate art, Chocolate Paint with up to 38 colours including flavours such as passion fruit, green mango and smoked chocolate are also available. “There are over 70 types of sweets to choose from and I hope the interesting presentation of these nostalgic flavours and whimsical creations will give customers a familiar yet exciting time at our sweets boutique,” shares Wong.
With the opening of JANICE WONG, the homegrown chef joins the rank of other influential dessert chefs with successful brands, including Pierre Hermé and Oriol Balaguer, and in fact becomes one of the very few female ones in this esteemed league.


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