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French Culinary in Asia

Martin Lippo*, a new age culinary consultant trainer based in Barcelona, Spain, will be present at end of February with more in-depth focus on ‘Vacuum Pack Cooking’ for basic and advance level and beginning of March for ‘New Cooking Techniques and Technologies’ workshops explaining how to achieve amazing results by using modern thickeners, gels, emulsions and foams to create spectacular dishes; bringing culinary creativity to the next level to impress your guests. The courses will take place at The French Culinary School in Asia (
*Martin Lippo is a new age culinary consultant trainer based in Barcelona, Spain. His specialization is in new cooking techniques and technology, such as the application of liquid nitrogen in the kitchen, molecular cuisine, vacuum pack cooking (sous vide), espumas, soda and siphon work, etc.
As director of R&D for 100%Chef, a company fabricating and distributing innovative cook’s tools and equipment, he is very much immersed in the exciting world of cutting edge kitchen technology to help cuisine professionals achieve new goals.


French Culinary in Asia

The courses
Vacuum Pack Cooking – Basic Level
25 – 26 February 2014 (Tue – Wed)

Learn the basic steps of sous vide cooking and the advantages and disadvantages of vacuum-pack cooking. How to control the internal temperature of the cooking products, indirect cooking method, chilling, retermalization concepts, pasteurization and sterilization concepts and more.
Featuring recipes:
Infused oils, vinegars, butters, creme anglaise, carrot & curry puree, duck confit, octopus, lamb shoulder, beef cheek with port wine, chicken with garlic and parsley Mediterranean style and many more.

Vacuum Pack Cooking – Advanced Level
27 – 28 February 2014 (Thu – Fri)

Learn the new techniques using sous vide in gastronomy and sous vide cooking for big production planning. Cooking at low temperature, direct cooking method, sous vide cooking using jars, egg pasteurization, how to prepare a complete menu with sous vide system and more.
Featuring recipes:
Rare rib-eye steak with ratatouille & potatoes, foie gras terrine, duck ham, egg yolk for spreading, dried plums with champagne syrup, ice cream base, tuna belly confit in jars and many more.
New Cooking Techniques and Technologies – Part 1
3 – 4 March 2014 (Mon – Tue)

Learn how to work with liquid nitrogen, siphons, dehydrator and creating savory snacks using panning machine. Learn new spherification techniques, direct and reverse spherification, new and traditional foam cooking techniques and learn to work with new techniques using texturizing, stabilizing and freeze dried products and more.
Featuring recipes:
Re-texturized caprese salad, shrimp carpaccio with soy sauce air, nitro-lime tears and popped squid, red curry crunchy cigars, ‘fake goat cheese’ nitro-coulant, foie gras emulsion and foie gras ‘nitro popcorn’ with sous vide compressed apple and champagne jelly, chocolate chantilly with red fruit nitro sorbet and many more.

New Cooking Techniques and Technologies – Part 2
5 – 6 March 2014 (Wed – Thu)

Learn how to work with liquid nitrogen, siphons, dehydrator, cotton candy machine and creating sweet snacks using panning machine. Learn reverse spherification techniques, reverse spherification, new and traditional foam cooking techniques, new techniques with gelatins, new concepts in avant-garde cooking and more.
Featuring recipes:
Watermelon soup with tomato spheres, parmasen and mushroom nitro ‘truffle’, oyster sorbet with citrus and herbs, low temperature cooked egg with potato and truffle, raspberry and lime cotton candy ravioli, shrimp tropical salad, white chocolate and almond souffle and many more.


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