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Martin Lippo and his recipes…

Martin Lippo, an Argentinean chef who lives in Spain, was awarded the title of Best Argentinean Young Creative Chef in 1997 and, in that same year, at the age of 27 his work was deemed Haute Cuisine. After a training period, Lippo decided to improve on a self-taught basis by starting an anthropological journey to discover the most varied traditions and cultures. An insatiable search for knowledge, together with the will to innovate and reinvent the daily routine, becomes a professional activity for Martin Lippo.

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Red River Nitro-Cocktail

For the balloon
strawberry puree    g    200
mineral water    g    100
sugar    g    45
Inflate a regular balloon, using a siphon, to stretch it, then allow to deflate. Using a large syringe, half-fill the balloon with the strawberry mixture and inflate it again to form a sphere that fits your chosen serving glass; knot it at the neck.
Cut the balloon tail under the knot. Fill the cryo-bowl with liquid nitrogen. Place the balloon in the liquid nitrogen and turn it quickly and constantly, so that all surfaces comes into contact with the liquid nitrogen. Don´t stop turning it, or the sphere will loose its shape. Continue until it is completely frozen.
Remove the balloon from the liquid nitrogen and place it in a freezer for 30 minutes. Using a sharp, thin knife, score the balloon and peel off the rubber coating, so you are left with just a frozen sphere. Heat the tip of a metal piping nozzle and press lightly into the sphere to make a hole, then immediately place the sphere in the freezer.

For the Red Fruits Daiquiri Nitro-Sorbet
fresh raspberry puree    g    100
fresh strawberry puree    g    50
fresh cherry puree    g    50
Zacapa rum    g    60
cassis liqueur    g    40
mineral water    g    100
sugar    g    50
Put all the ingredients in cryo bowl. Whisk delicately and slowly pour the liquid nitrogen until it becomes sorbet. Fill the balloon using a pipping bag, add a straw and serve imme-diatly.

Martin Lippo
photos Marisa Renales

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