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Martin Lippo and his recipes…

Martin Lippo, an Argentinean chef who lives in Spain, was awarded the title of Best Argentinean Young Creative Chef in 1997 and, in that same year, at the age of 27 his work was deemed Haute Cuisine. After a training period, Lippo decided to improve on a self-taught basis by starting an anthropological journey to discover the most varied traditions and cultures. An insatiable search for knowledge, together with the will to innovate and reinvent the daily routine, becomes a professional activity for Martin Lippo.

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Strawberry and yogurt Nitro-shots

300gr fresh strawberry puree
500gr Greek yogurt
80gr Sugar
Mix all ingredients with a hand blender until well combined
Put a metal container  and the k-lippo tubes in the freezer.
Fill the teppan nitro with liquid nitrogen.
Wait until the teppan reaches the maximum cold.
Recharge the teppan with some more liquid nitrogen.
Fill a caviar box with the yogurt-strawberry mixture.
Apply one charge over the teppan nitro and wait until its frozen.
Take it out with a frozen spatula and put into the frozen container.
Leave it in the freezer.
Fill each K-lippo tube with the nitro-shots, and stick the cover using an ironing machine.
You can personalize the covers using a mini print (from 100%chef) or a dry stamp with your company logo, name or message.
Depending on the strawberry water content and the Greek yogurt texture you can need to use a thickener like xanthan gum, to properly apply the base with the caviar box.

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