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Frenchman Mickaël Besse is a fine pastry chef who fully deserves the ‘citizen of the world’ moniker.

BESSEHis professional career begins at the end of the nineties in his home country, where he works in several Michelin-starred restaurants – at Régis and Jacques Marcon’s Le Clos des Cimes in Auvergne, and at La Pyramide with Patrick Henriroux in Vienne – as well as in luxury Relais & Chateaux hotels, before moving to Lebanon as pastry chef at the five-star Hotel Le Vendôme. In 2006 he decides to make another move in his career, with the next destination being India, at Chennai (ancient Madras, in southern India), where he takes up the executive pastry chef role at the first Indian multiplex chain SPI Cinemas by managing pastry production and restaurant service. But it doesn’t end there: in 2007 he creates Ecstasy by opening at the premises a new restaurant. Finally in 2009 Besse starts up his own company as international consultant in pastry, restaurant and hotel business, thus making the most of the know-how acquired over many years of intense activity at the service of diverse customers in various countries (besides India he has worked in China, Japan, United States…).  www.mickaelbesse.com







recipe for 1 SS ring Ø180/h 45


Chocolate Brownie


Caraque chocolate 56%                                                 g                 50


unsalted butter                                                             g                 40


refined sugar                                                                g                 42


flour                                                                             g                 35


yogurt                                                                          g                 60


lime zest                                                                      n                1/4


orange zest                                                                  n                1/8


In a mixer fitted with the paddle, cream the butter with the sugar and zests. Incorporate the plain yogurt, then the flour. Add the chocolate melted at 45°C and blend well. Spread into a ring of 180 mm diameter x 45 mm height (fitted with extra 60 mm diameter x 45 mm ring). Bake in a deck oven at 200°C for about 20 to 25 mn.


Soft Toffee


refined sugar                                                                g                 110


fresh cream 35%                                                          g                 110


salted butter                                                                 g                 160


vanilla bean (split in two and grated)                               n                 1


In a copper saucepan, cook the sugar to obtain a light caramel. Infuse the vanilla beans in the hot cream and pour over the caramel. Bring to the boil, add dry butter, mix and keep aside for the next day.



Chocolate Vanilla Mousse


Caraque chocolate 56%                                                g                 185


whipped cream 35%                                                     g                 300


vanilla bean (split in two and grated)                              n                 1


Melt the chocolate at 50-55°C. Emulsify with a small portion of the whipped vanilla cream, to have  similar chocolate and cream textures. Check and if necessary bring temperature to 45-55°C before adding the rest of the whipped cream; mix with a spatula. The mousse should be soft and shiny.


Grey Velvet


cocoa butter                                                                 g                 535


Ivoire chocolate                                                            g                 410


titanium dioxide                                                            g                 45


coal-black coloring                                                        g                 2


Melt the chocolate and cocoa butter, little by little dissolve the dioxide and homogenize the mixture. Strain before using at 35°C on the frozen cake.






roasted pecan nuts                                                      g                 50


roasted cashew nuts                                                    g                 50


white plastic chocolate                                                 g                 50


metallic powders                                                                             q.s.






Use a n 7 nozzle to pipe the toffee on the top of the brownie (into stainless steel rings) and place the roasted nuts. Pour immediately the chocolate and vanilla mousse, then freeze immediately. Remove the frames, use a spray gun to obtain a velvety effect and decorate with some metallic plastic chocolate flowers.








recette pour 1 cercle Ø180 / H45


Brownies au chocolat


couverture Caraque 56%                                                g                 50


beurre sec                                                                    g                 40


sucre semoule                                                               g                 42


farine                                                                            g                 35


yahourt nature                                                               g                 60


zeste de citron vert                                                         n                 1/4


zeste d’orange                                                               n                 1/8


Brownies au Chocolat


Au batteur, à l’aide de la feuille, crémer le beurre avec le sucre et les zestes. Incorporer le yaourt nature, puis la farine tamisée. Enfin, verser le chocolat de couverture fondu à 45°C. Veiller à ce que le mélange soit bien émulsionné. Étaler la masse dans un cercle de 180 mm de diamètre x 45 mm de haut (agrémenté en son centre d’un cercle de diamètre 60 x 45 mm de haut). Cuire dans un four à sol à 200°C pendant 20 à 25 mn.


Caramel mou


sucre semoule                                                              g                 110


crème fleurette 35%                                                     g                 110


beurre salé                                                                   g                 160


gousse de vanille (fendue en deux puis gratée)                n                 1


Dans un poêlon en cuivre, cuire à sec le sucre semoule. Arriver à la couleur, puis topper la cuisson avec la crème fleurette chaude dans laquelle on aura fait infuser la gousse de vanille fendue et grattée. Redonner un bouillon à l’ensemble, ajouter le beurre sec, mixer et réserver pour utiliser le lendemain.


Mousse chocolat vanille


couverture Caraque 56%                                             g                 185


crème fouettée 35%                                                    g                 300


gousse de vanille (fendue en deux puis gratée)               n                 1


Faire fondre la couverture à 50-55°C environ. Émulsionner avec une petite partie de la crème fleurette mousseuse vanillée, afin d’avoir des consistances similaires entre le mélange et la crème. Vérifier et réchauffer si nécessaire (45-55°C) avant d’ajouter le restant de la crème montée vanillée mousseuse. Mélanger à la maryse. La mousse terminée doit être souple et brillante. Couler de suite.


Velours gris


beurre de cacao                                                           g                 535


couverture Ivoire                                                          g                 410


oxyde de titane                                                            g                 45


colorant noir spécial chocolat                                        g                 2


Fondre le chocolat de couverture avec le beurre de cacao, y dissoudre l’oxyde de titane puis homogénéiser le tout. Chinoiser, pulvériser à environ 35°C sur l’entremets congelé.




noix de pécan torréfiées à coeur                                 g                 50


noix de cajou torréfiées à coeur                                  g                 50


chocolat plastic ‘‘blanc’’                                               g                 50


poudres métalliques diverses                                                         q.s.




Dresser, à la poche à douille n° 7, le caramel mou sur le brownie (à l’intérieur des cercles de cuisson) et parsemer des fruits secs torréfiés. Couler aussitôt la mousse chocolat vanille, lisser, surgeler. Démouler, utiliser un pistolet pour appliquer l’effet velouté ‘‘gris’’, puis décorer de quelques fleurs de chocolat plastic métalisées.




Mickaël Besse


Neufchâteau, France





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