Mickaël Besse and his recipe in English and French


Frenchman Mickaël Besse is a fine pastry chef who fully deserves the ‘citizen of the world’ moniker.

His professional career begins at the end of the nineties in his home country, where he works in several Michelin-starred restaurants – at Régis and Jacques Marcon’s Le Clos des Cimes in Auvergne, and at La Pyramide with Patrick Henriroux in Vienne – as well as in luxury Relais & Chateaux hotels, before moving to Lebanon as pastry chef at the five-star Hotel Le Vendôme. In 2006 he decides to make another move in his career, with the next destination being India, at Chennai (ancient Madras, in southern India), where he takes up the executive pastry chef role at the first Indian multiplex chain SPI Cinemas by managing pastry production and restaurant service. But it doesn’t end there: in 2007 he creates Ecstasy by opening at the premises a new restaurant. Finally in 2009 Besse starts up his own company as international consultant in pastry, restaurant and hotel business, thus making the most of the know-how acquired over many years of intense activity at the service of diverse customers in various countries (besides India he has worked in China, Japan, United States…).  www.mickaelbesse.com

Coffee 3


Coffee spheres


Recipe for 12 pieces

2 Silikomart mould ref. MULD3D – Sphera (3D spheres Ø 58/ h 1 / 5×100 ml)

1 Silikomart mould ref. SF006 (half-sphere Ø 30 / h 15 mm / 14×10 ml)

2 PCB Création “faux bois” structure sheets


Brittany shortcrust

soft butter                                                          g                 28

icing sugar                                                         g                 28

flour                                                                   g                 40

baking powder                                                    g                 2,4

egg yolks                                                           g                 14

Cream the soft butter with icing sugar at low speed in a mixer fitted with the paddle. Meanwhile, sift together the flour and the baking powder. Add the egg yolks into the first preparation, mix then add the rest of the ingredients. Divide into pieces of 8 g, pour into the 3D mould, then bake at 180°C for 10-12 minutes. Cool down at room temperature.


Jellified coffee – lemon grass infusion

mineral water                                                      g                 165

sugar                                                                 g                 33

green lemon juice                                                g                 5

zest                                                                   g                 2

vanilla pod                                                          n.                1/8

lemon grass                                                       g                 12

gelatin                                                               g                 4,3

instant coffee                                                     g                 3

agar agar                                                           g                 0,5

Boil all ingredients together (except the gelatin and agar agar), then leave them to infuse for 15 minutes. Sieve, add the agar agar while stirring vigorously, and boil. Once the gelatin is soaked and drained (26 g total weight), melt it into the warm syrup. Pour into the half-sphere mould and freeze.


White coffee mousse

semi-skimmed milk                                              g                 300

coffee beans                                                        g                 65

sugar                                                                  g                 60

egg yolks                                                            g                 60

gelatin                                                                g                 8,5

whipped cream 35%                                            g                 275

Mix the roasted coffee beans with cold milk, leave them to infuse for 24 hours, sieve, and bring to 250 g. Mix the sugar with egg yolks without whipping. Add the warm infused milk progressively. Pour the mixture into a saucepan and pasteurize at 82°C checking with a thermometer, until the mixture coats the spoon. Strain and cool quickly at 35-40°C. Incorporate a small part of the whipped cream into the preparation and stir gently before folding in the rest. Mix rapidly with a rubber spatula or a skimming ladle. Pour it immediately into the 3D mould with the Brittany shortbread and jellified coffee – lemon grass inserts. Freeze immediately.


White velvet

Ivoire white chocolate                                         g                 200

cocoa butter                                                      g                 260

titanium dioxide                                                 g                 15

In order to obtain a velvet effect, use a spray when hot (40-45°C) over the frozen surface of the cake.


Plastic chocolate

sugar                                                              g                 25

mineral water                                                   g                 25

glucose syrup                                                  g                 75

cocoa butter                                                    g                 25

Ivoire white chocolate                                      g                 250

Combine in a saucepan the mineral water with sugar and glucose syrup and boil, then cool down at 40°C. Meanwhile, melt at 50°C the white velvet mixture in the microwave. Pour the warm syrup over the melted chocolate then mix gently until the mixture is homogeneous. Keep it in an hermetic plastic box at 15-18°C for 1-2 days. Roll out to 2 mm between the “faux bois” structure sheets, cut out disks of 10 cm Ø then stick them over the coffee spheres.


Sphères Café


Recette pour 10 pièces

2 moules Silikomart ref. MULD3D – Sphera (3D sphères Ø 58/ h 1 / 5×100 ml)

1 moule Silikomart ref. SF006 (demi-sphère Ø 30 / h 15 mm / 14×10 ml)

2 feuilles PCB Création structure “faux bois”


Sablé breton au café

beurre mou                                                        g                 28

sucre glace                                                        g                 28

farine                                                                 g                 40

levure chimique                                                  g                 2,4

jaunes d’oeufs                                                   g                 14

café soluble                                                       g                 1

Crémer à la feuille le mélange du beurre mou, sucre glace et café soluble. Tamiser la levure chimique avec la farine puis incorporer au mélange ci-dessus. Terminer la pâte en incorporant les jaunes d’oeufs. Détailler à 8 g, mouler dans les moules 3D, cuire dans un four à 180°C pendant 10-12 minutes. Laisser refroidir à temperature ambiante.


Gelée café – Lemon grass

eau                                                                     g                 165

sucre                                                                  g                 33

jus de citron vert                                                  g                 5

zestes                                                                g                 2

gousse de vanille                                                 n.                1/8

lemon grass                                                       g                 12

gélatine                                                              g                 4,3

café soluble                                                        g                 3

agar agar                                                           g                 0,5

Porter à ebullition l’ensemble des ingrédients (sauf gelatine et agar agar), laisser infuser à couvert pendant 15 minutes. Chinoiser, incorporer l’agar agar sous vive agitation et porter à ebullition. Réhydrater la gélatine à 26 g avant de l’ajouter dans le sirop encore chaud. Couler l’appareil dans la moule demi-sphère et surgeler.


Mousse Café Blanc

lait                                                                      g                 300

café en grains                                                     g                 65

sucre                                                                  g                 60

jaunes d’oeufs                                                    g                 60

gélatine                                                             g                 8,5

crème fouettée 35%                                           g                 275

Maturer à froid pendant 24 heures les grains de café dans le lait. Chinoiser, rectifier à 250 g. Blanchir légèrement les jaunes avec le sucre, incorporer ensuite au lait infusé bouillant et cuire à 82°C. Chinoiser, ajouter la gélatine réhydratée à 50 g, refroidir sur glace jusqu’à l’obtention d’une texture huileuse. Ajouter délicatement la crème fouettée, mouler en sphères avec les inserts sablé breton et gelée café – lemon grass. Surgeler.


Velours Blanc Titane

couverture Ivoire                                              g                 200

beurre de cacao                                               g                 260

oxyde de titane                                                g                 15

Fondre l’ensemble des ingrédients au bain-marie (ou four à micro-ondes). Chinoiser avant de pulvériser l’appareil entre 40-45°C sur la surface des entremets encore congelés; réserver au réfrigérateur.


Chocolat Plastique

sucre                                                                  g                 25

eau                                                                     g                 25

glucose                                                              g                 75

beurre de cacao                                                  g                 75

couverture Ivoire                                                  g                 250

Réaliser un sirop avec l’eau, le sucre, le glucose et tièdir le tout à 40°C. Faire fondre à 50°C, au four à micro-ondes, le mélange couverture Ivoire-beurre de cacao et incorporer délicatement le sirop. Dès l’obtention d’une pâte homogène, cesser le mélange. Réserver en boite hermétique à 15-18°C pendant 24-28 heures. Abaisser le plus finement possible à l’aide des feulles structure faux bois, détailler des disques de 10 cm de diamètre et décorer les sphères Café.


Mickaël Besse


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