Modern Bakery Confex: the engine of progress and commerce

Last March the Modern Bakery Moscow Confex showed how the bakery, confectionery and ready-to-eat food production industry changed


Industry professionals have once again recognized Modern Bakery Confex as the business development platform that allows to share experience, look for business growth points and ways to adapt to new conditions.
This year, the exposition has grown by a third: 258 companies from 13 countries presented their technological and ingredient solutions: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Egypt, India, Iran, Italy, China, Russia, Turkey, Czech Republic. The exhibition was attended by 14,815 industry specialists from 29 countries, 8 federal districts and 87 regions of the Russian Federation. Among the visitors were also heads and representatives of trade missions of the foreign countries: India, Malaysia, Republic of Ghana, Republic of Tunisia, Turkey.
Within the trade fair were presented such thematic areas as food technologies for bakery and confectionery industries, ingredients, raw materials and additives, equipment for packaging, storage and equipping of retail spaces, refrigeration equipment, technologies for industrial hygiene, commercial transport, equipment and ingredients for the production of ready-to-eat food and semi-finished products.
For the third time, an exposition of ingredients, equipment and technologies for the production of chocolate and sugary confectionery products was organized within Modern Bakery Confex trade fair. And the latest innovations in equipment and ingredients for the production of bakery and confectionery products.


Business diversification and competition for customer

The international business forum for owners and top managers of confectionery enterprises Confex Confectionery Expertise continues its development: in 2024, 483 industry specialists attended the 2 days’ event. More than 30 speakers from well-known companies shared the modern trends in confectionery production. The speakers highlighted the main trends in the confectionery market, and also discussed the issues of confectionery packaging, assortment development and effective marketing, building mutually beneficial cooperation with offline and online retail, as well as supplying confectionery with ingredients and raw materials.
In total, 36 business events were held within the trade fair for specialists in the bakery and confectionery industries, such as the symposium Bread is the basis of a healthy diet, the scientific and practical conference Modern approaches to the development and safety of confectionery products. Justification of expiration dates, and Modern trends in the creation of enriched, functional and specialized confectionery and chocolate.
In 2024, visitors of Modern Bakery Confex trade fair were also able to get acquainted with the latest innovations in equipment and ingredients for the production of ready-to-eat food and semi-finished products as part of the new section – the GOTOVO exhibition. The exposition presented equipment for meat processing, vegetables and fruit processing, equipment for working with dough and semi-finished products, packaging solutions.

Masterclasses of bakery and pastry chefs

In 4 days, bakery and pastry chefs conducted 20 masterclasses for 2102 students. The masterclasses were devoted to working with chocolate and candies, creating conceptual desserts, non-standard combinations and technically complex anti-gravity cakes, new technologies for working with yeast, puff pastry, Hokkaido dough, Easter holiday baking, trends in baking and confectionery, modern trends in decoration, optimization of cost of products and other relevant issues.



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