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immagine pralina latte perù per ricetta

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                                                                                                   Travelling through the Peruvian Andes
Introducing a new high quality milk chocolate in Icam Linea Professionale
   8340 Gocce perù   cartina
The full control of the entire farming and production chains combined with high technology and innovative processes for an excellent quality product allow Icam Linea Professionale to extend its product range of milk chocolate couvertures introducing the Milk Chocolate Single Origin Peru cocoa 39%.
A milk chocolate that stirs emotions through a wide range of aromas: the flavour is intense and refined, articulated in a rich taste of cocoa, with fruity notes and aftertaste of coffee and vanilla. A precious aromatic profile that Icam obtains starting from the Cru Pachiza cocoa, cultivated in the center of northern Peru. This chocolate reflects the origin and the individual genotype of  this land, which gives it a  natural and distinctive taste.
The Milk Chocolate Single Origin Peru is perfect to produce chocolate bars and high level pralines for tasting also in combination with hazelnut paste, pistachio, orange and coffee. It is ideal for a sophisticated hot chocolate recipes, ganache and cream for special fillings. In pastry it could be used to produce filling creams, light but with great personality, and it is particularly well suited to make semifreddo-desserts and milk based gelato thanks to the persistence of its taste. 


immagine pralina latte perù per ricetta



Peru Milk chocolate couverture ganache cream
Milk chocolate Regina Shell

Peru Milk chocolate couverture ganache cream
170 g water
49 g glucose syrup
58 g sorbitol
570 g Peru milk chocolate couverture – Code 8340
84 g anhydrous butter
70 g Cocoa Butter – Code 7851

Bring to 40°C the chocolate with cocoa butter and also the anhydrous butter.
Bring to 32°C the water with sugars.
Mix the two preparations and emulsify carefully.

Milk chocolate couverture Shell   
900 g Regina milk chocolate couverture – Code 8348

Melting and tempering. Use to coat the molds.

Crystallize the ganache to 28°C and use it to fill the shells, let it dry at 12°-14°C.
Close with tempered Milk chocolate.
Remove from molds and store at 14°C.

Riccardo Magni, Professional Pastry Chef and Chocolatier.
Consultant for Icam Linea Professionale.
A recipe for ICAM Linea Professionale


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