Montalbano cake

Cocoa biscuit, hazelnut praliné, salty crumble, chocolate crémeux and hazelnut crunchy
Sicilian cake

Cocoa biscuit

g 2000 eggs                            
g 1100 sugar                         
g 250 cocoa                           
100 g butter                        
200 g flour                            
250 g starch                          
Beat the eggs with the sugar; add the powders and then the melted butter. Cook at 200°C for 8 minutes.

Hazelnut praliné

450 g cream                       
50 g milk                                 
400 g hazelnut                  
5 g Maldon salt                
200 g sugar                            
Heat milk, cream and sugar; pour the mixture on the hazelnut; emulsify everything adding the salt.

Salty crumble

250 g ane sugar                    
250 g flour                                 
250 g almond flour                  
250 g butter                               
4 g Maldon salt                  
1 g lemon zest                       
1 g orange zest                   
Combine flour, sugar, almond flour, orange and lemon zest; add the melted butter. Bake at 160°C for 15 minutes.

Chocolate crémeux
1.5 kg milk                                    
kg 2.250 cream                              
kg 1 .5 dark chocolate               
60 g gelatin                              
150 g dextrose                           
300 g sugar                               
Boil the milk and pour it over the chocolate; emulsify by combining the hydrated gelatin. Whip the cream and pour the mixture when it reaches 30°C.

Hazelnut crunchy

40 g hazelnut                           
30 g azelnut praliné             
E125 g clat d’Or                        
70 g melted white chocolate
20 g asted hazelnuts        
Mix all the ingredients in the planetary mixer.

Milk chocolate glaze

185 g ream                            
150 g ar                              
14 g gelatin                            
70 g water for gelatin            
990 g milk chocolate 40%       
365 g milk                     
105 g glucose            
Boil milk, cream, sugar and glucose; add the softened gelatin and emulsify with the chopped chocolate. Let it set for at least 24 hours and use at 31°C.


In a 18 cm circle,place the biscuit with the hazelnut crunchy. Pour a layer of chocolate crémeux and alternate with a praliné layer. Blast chill the cake, remove from the mould and glaze it. Sprinkle the cake perimeter with some salted crumble and decorate the surface with chocolate and Maldon salt.

Gelateria e Pasticceria Ernesto

photo Salvatore Farina

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