Mr Art Plus: the creative laboratory!

Carpigiani is therefore proposing Mister Art Plus, the continuous double production machine, joining the Mister Art and Master Stick, which in 2015 changed the way many gelato and pastry specialties are made, providing new creative horizons.

Mister Art Plus features two side-by-side pasteurization tanks, two freezing cylinders with independent motors, making it possible to produce two very different gelatos at the same time, and a dispensing group consisting of three levers. Thus one can dispense a rich creamy gelato from one cylinder and a delicate fruit sorbet from the other, and a mix of the two from the central lever. Mister Art Plus is equipped with two portioning pistols, essentially infinite pastry bags, to quickly produce multilayered gelato cakes and filled gelato on a stick.
This machine also produces gelato pastry, like single-serving treats and semifreddos, and fresh pastry, like mousse and creams. A creative laboratory for artisans!

Hourly production | 300cc shakes    –
Hourly production | portion of the stick 85 cc    580
Hourly production | portion of the gelato g. 75    485
Condenser | Air or Water
Nominal power | kW    4,7
Tank capacity | lt    12 + 12
Dimensions W x D x H | cm   55 x 87,5 x 89 (air)
Dimensions W x D x H | cm   55 x 80,5 x 82 (water)


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