Muffin at my own

 Cupcake a modo mio

flour 00 weak          g     245
milk powder            g     15
baking powder        g     16
raw cane sugar        g    100
chocolate drops        g     110
whole eggs             g     85
whole milk             g     255
butter                    g     100
white chocolate        g    60

Whip with a whisk the butter with the brown sugar, incorporate the eggs and continue to flush mount. Bringing together all the dry ingredients in the recipe (flour, milk powder and baking) and add them to the whipped butter, alternating with the milk and chocolate chips. Finally, add the melted white chocolate. Put the dough into cups (paper), remembering to fill the stencil of 2/3 and bake at 180°C for about 15 minutes.

Cream butter method M.I.
Italian meringue
butter            g     500
caster sugar    g     450
egg whites        g 175
water            g     100

Bake at 121°C sugar and water, then pour over the egg whites that are whipping, continue beating until cool. Then add the soft butter into small pieces while continuing to beat until the cream is soft. Store in a refrigerator.

To decorate
Pears cooked in red wine or chocolate sable
Recipe by Armando Palmieri

Cupcake a modo mio


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