It is just finished the Season 3 of the Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition, with international flare: beautiful desserts, great new ideas and approaches, with a special thanks to Executive Pastry Jimmy MacMillan who has created the competition to promote and further the excellent work of Chicago local restaurant-chef community.
Using organic and fair trade ingredients, the chefs design and create a composed dessert within a cast 4″ sphere for the Sphere Mold Challenge.
All the recipes, coming soon!!



1. Chocolate “Nougat”
Nutty Marshmallow, Whipped Honey Anglaise, Cotton Candy

2. Crystallized Ash
Grapefruit, Black Sesame, Soymilk

3. Vanilla Miso Bavaroise
Carrot Cremeux, Buckwheat Cake, Smoked Pecan Praline Ice Cream

4. The Jamaican Bobsled
Tamarind Cake, Ginger Sorbet, Orange Bourbon Sauce

Chefs have designed a composed dessert molded into the 4” Sphere mold that has been provided by the Chicago School of Mold Making.

  1. 90% of the dessert consists of a single, cast, assembled dessert. 10% is ingredients to support the mold on the base of the plate.
  2. The mold is filled 75%. The mold is partially filled and dessert items added to the shape during production or plating of the dessert.
  3. Each Chef Finalist create four Mystery Casting Challenge Plates, displayed on a Crucial Detail plate provided by Steelite International.
  4. The molded items consist of several textures and qualities, with complimentary taste and a flavor profile consistent with a composed dessert.
  5. One ingredient from each category below is used in this dessert. Once an ingredient is selected from the pantry, the other competitors may not use the ingredient.

The list of ingredients for the Mystery Casting Challenge pantry is as follows:

Wholesome Sweeteners
Organic sucanat
Fair trade organic sugar

Organic amber honey
Coconut Palm Sugar

Chocolate Hazelnut Paste
Hazelnut Superior Paste
Terrone Paste
Gianduja Traditional
Salted Peanut

Nielsen Massey Vanilla
Organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans
Mexican Vanilla Beans
Tahitian Vanilla Beans
Chocolate Extract
Lemon Extract
Almond Extract
Rose Water

deZaan Gourmet
Temptation 58 Dark
Temptation 64 Dark
Sensation 72 Dark
Ghana 70 Dark
Intense 35 Milk
Obsession 30 White
Velvet 22/24 Cocoa Powder

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