Mystery Casting Challenge

Chef Composite 2014 - Copia


Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition, Season 3, Episode 2…


CRPC3 Opening - Copia
The episode, titled Mystery Casting Challenge, follows the four top selected pastry chefs; Sean Pera, Meg Galus, Jim Hutchison and Michaela Hapak as
they compete in a Sphere Mold Challenge. The silicone molds were provided by the host facility, the Chicago School of Mold Making.
The pastry chefs were charged with designing a composed dessert in a 4-inch sphere mold, with beautiful results. The competitors acknowledge the importance of using organic and Fair Trade ingredients, which the sponsors provided to them. The top-tier judges, Antonio Bachour, Curtis Duffy and Will Goldfarb offer insightful dialogue. Don’t mis the episode: watch it now! (

Chef Composite 2014 - Copia

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