Naoshichi parfait and pepper gel
By Janice Wong, pastry chef in Singapore



125 gm Egg Yolk
200 gm Caster Sugar
70 gm Water
150 gm Naoshichi Juice
8 sheets Gelatine
400 gm Cream (Whipped)

In a mixer, whisk yolks till “Ribbon Stage”. Boil sugar and water till 119ºC and stream into yolks to form a “Pate Bomb”. Lightly heat up, Naoshichi juice to dissolve bloomed gelatine and fold into “Pate Bomb”.
Lastly, fold in whipped cream. Set into desired mould. Reserve in freezer


115 gm Naoshichi Juice
115 gm Water
150 gm Glucose Syrup
30 gm Trimoline
20 gm Trehalose
3 gm Madagascar Black Pepper (Finely Crushed)
4 gm Agar Powder

In a medium size pot, bring Naoshichi juice, water, sweeteners and Madagascar pepper to a boil. Add agar powder, hand blend, sieve and reserve in chiller. Hand blend solidified gel and pass through a fine sieve.

Janice Wong
pastry chef, Singapore
In “A Taste of Kochi Citrus” by Janice Wong
Photo Janice Wong


About Naoshichi

Naoshichi, known as the “phantom citrus fruit” due to its rarity, is a highly acidic yet highly aromatic citrus fruit and one of Kochi’s specialities, with approximately 100 tons produced every year.
It is said that it is named after a fisherman from many years ago called Naoshichi, who said that the fruit was delicious when used on fish. Naoshichi is harvested between October and November and the squeezed juiceis kept and used in everyday cooking; for flavouring fish,mixing into rice for chirashi zushi, and use in vinegared dishes.
Naoshichi is known for its mild, yet refreshing sourness with a good balance of sourness, bitterness andsweetness. This sourness is used in a variety of processed items, such as ponzu, dressing, jam and liqueur.

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