Natural lemon gelato

Natural Lemon Racca


Natural lemon is the fresh recipe signed by Italian gelato maker Alessandro Racca…

Natural Lemon Racca



28% sugar, 22% lemon juice

3000 g (small bowl)


fresh Ligurian lemon juice                                                        g                 600

sucrose                                                                                 g                 550

dried glucose syrup 38DE                                                       g                 150

neutral for cold fruit                                                                 g                 15

inulin                                                                                     g                 35

warm water                                                                            g                 1650

Grate the lemon zest in a part of sucrose (50 g), then squeeze the lemons to get the juice. Mix the remaining sucrose and all other dry ingredients and pour in warm water at 40°C. Stir until completely dissolved, add the juice and sugar with the zest and mix as usual. 


Note: The 4 seasons lemon, for its quality and aroma, is grown exclusively in Liguria, in northern Italy. This variety is indeed very resistant to the cold weather and to parasites that commonly attack other citrus fruits.


Alessandro Racca

photo Giancarlo Bononi



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