One Shot

Avantgarde technology by Pomati

Pomati One Shot technology is suitable for dispensing chocolate and ganache with different thickness and textures directly in polycarbonate moulds, blister or on baking trays, thus obtaining products that are filled up to 80%. Pomat’s One shot production include 3 different machines based on the productivity per hour:
OSD Zero which is the smallest One shot available on the market can produce 120 standard polycarbonate molds per hour.
OSD-5 which allows you to produce up to 220 chocolates molds per hour. Like all Depositor Pomati one shot models, Hoppers  and valves are heated separately, the conveyor belt is removable to make it easy to clean.
The One Shot Depositor OSD-10 allows you to manage an hourly production of 360 moulds per hour of ultra-thin, filled and personalized chocolates. For this reason, its ease of use and optimization of production times can surprise: quick cleaning allows you to change format in good time.
Remote Control: Pomati technology gives One Shot 5 and One Shot 10 owners an added bonus: anytime, anywhere in the world, via Wi-Fi, our technicians can intervene on the machine via remote assistance. This technology allows an accurate diagnosis of the machine and allows us to make changes to the program by implementing changes in real time.

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