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Pam Williams is the founder of and she is one of our experts…

Ecole Chocolat was “born” because of the large number of requests our lead instructor, Pam Williams, received from novice chocolate makers all over the globe who were looking for training in professional chocolate making. They all wanted an opportunity to increase their expertise and make products on par with the best in the business. When trying to help, Pam realized that there were very few training opportunities in chocolate making for non-professional cooks, and most of those are very expensive. Based on Pam’s experience, the Ecole Chocolat program curriculum offers what she considers to be the foundation for any successful chocolatier or chocolate maker – a complete understanding of the chocolate making process, matched with a “plan of action” to fulfill your career or personal goals.

Ecole Chocolate School’s curricula are developed by Lead Instructor, Pam Williams, with the help of industry experts. Each curriculum is designed to create an open learning environment where you learn not only from your instructors, but also from interaction with your peers. Unlike a print textbook, the curricula are constantly updated to reflect the latest news, techniques and advances in the industry. The instructional team are working professionals – not stuck in a laboratory – and they help to ensure the content of our programs never gets stale. For the online programs, the Learning Centre is delivered on a platform used by more than 45,000 university, college and training organizations in 206 countries. “We want to make sure that the technology doesn’t get in the way of your learning experience. You only need a computer, access to the Internet and a browser to log into Learning Centre”. The students come from all over the world, so they can’t do live, synchronous activities because someone would be having their learning experience in the middle of the night, which we don’t think is fair. There is no time when you have to be in front of your computer. They do pace your learning, but you can study, research and practice whenever it fits your schedule over the duration of the program.

Ecole Chocolate has been delivering chocolate programs since 2003 and it had time to find out what works and what doesn’t. It understand how adults learn online and had the chops: Not only was Pam a successful chocolatier for 10 years, she also spent nine years working with the Division of Applied Technology, UBC Continuing Studies, University of British Columbia as Senior Program Leader. She developed a number of award-winning Certificate Programs that are delivered 100% online, as well as on campus.



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