Paris Mont Blanc. The recipe by Johann Martin

Johann Martin, pastry chef at the Bellouet Conseil in Pasris, presents the Paris Mont Blanc. Chestnut biscuit, chestnut mousse, blackcurrant compote, chestnut cream and milk chocolate mirror glaze.
This recipe has been presented in occasion of the last edition of Asia Pastry Forum, in Kuala Lumpur.


Recipe makes 15 individual gateaux of 6 cm in diameter and 3 cm high

Chestnut biscuit

40 g sofetened butter
180 g egg yolks
180 g chestnut paste
180 g chestnut cream
160 g egg hites
80 g sugar
90 g flour
Total weight: 910 g

Using a food processor, mix together the butter, yolks, chesnut paste and chestnut cream. Whisk together the egg whites with the sugar, then fold the two mixtures together. Add the sifted flour.
Spread onto 2 cm high Flexipat of 55 cm long by 36 cm wide, then bake in a forced oven at 175°C for approximately 15 minutes. Stock for assembly.

Chestnut mousse

75 g milk
40 g yolks
70 g gelatine mass (10 g 200 bloom gelatine powder and 60 g water)
225 g chestnut paste
75 g chestnut cream
15 g Armagnac
150 g whipped cream
Total weight: 462 g

In a saucepan, heat the milk; then cook the egg yolks to 85°C. Add the melted gelatine then pour over the remaining ingrdients except for the whipped cream and mix well. Cool down and fold through the whipped cream. Stock for assembly.

Blackcurrant compote

200 g milk blackcurrant puree
100 g blackberry puree
25 g sugar
5 g pectin NH
28 g gelatine mass (4 g 200 bloom gelatine powder and 24 g water)
Total weight: 358 g

In a saucepan, boil all ingredients except for the gelatine together with the sugar and pectin NH mixed together. Mix well, then stock in the refrigrator.

Chestnut cream

150 g milk
80 g yolks
10 g sugar
56 g gelatine mass (8 g 200 bloom gelatine powder ad 48 g water)
450 g chestnut paste
150 g chestnut cream
15 g Armagnac
Total weight: 911 g

Cook the milk, yolks and sugar to 85°C, then add the gelatine mass and mix well. Pour this mixture over the chestnut paste and chestnut cream while mixing in a mixer with a paddle attachment. Add the Armagnac and stock in the refrigerator.
The followig day, pipe with a vermicelli nozzle small flames onto a Silpat mat. Place into the freezer.

Milk chocolate mirror glaze

150 g water
300 g sugar300 g glucose
200 g condensed milk
140 g gelatine mass (20 g 200 bloom gelatine powder and 120 g water)
300 g Milk couverture Chocolate at 40%
Total weight: 1390 g

In a saucepan cook together the water, sugar and glucose to 103°C. Then pour over the condensed milk and gelatine mass and finally over the milk couverture chocolate.
Film and store in a refrigerator overnight. Before using heat the glaze to 40°C and use at 30/35°C.

Finishing and decoration

In metal rings of 6 cm in diameter and 3 cm high place a layer of biscuit, then pipe a layer of chestnut mousse, a quantity of blackcurrant compote and finish with the remaining mousse. Place into the freezer then unmould.
Glaze with the milk chocolate glaze, then decorate with the chestnut flames dusted with codineige.
Finish with a disk of milk chocolate on the side of the gateaux.

pastry chef Johann Martin
Bellouet Conseil

Special thanks to Martin Lippo (




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