Pasta, cannellini beans and mussels for the International Day of Italian Cuisines

This year, the International Day of Italian Cuisines is a tribute to the late Tony May, with Pasta, cannellini beans and mussels. For this occasion, the Crypto DineWineArt creates an NFT in five copies

Festa della Repubblica (Republic Day) on June 2 is a national holiday in Italy and this year the International Day of Italian Cuisines (IDIC) will take place on the same day. The IDIC has been celebrated since 2008, as a way to protect consumers looking for authentic Italian cuisine and to enable them to find it when they go to restaurants labeled as “Italian”.
Promoted by itchefs-GVCI (a network of chefs, culinary professionals and restaurateurs working in the Italian restaurant industry in 70 Countries), the 2022 dish will be Pasta e Fagioli con le Cozze (Pasta, cannellini beans and mussels) as a tribute to the late Tony May, the famous restaurateur and educator from New York, who stood out for his commitment to enhance our cuisine outside Italy.
Co-founded by May and now chaired by Gianfranco Sorrentino (the owner of the Il Gattopardo restaurant in NYC), the Italian Restaurateurs Group will join the IDIC as well. Moreover, Crypto DineWineArt will create a NFT (Non Fungible Token) in five copies of each poster prepared for chefs who will take part in IDIC.

How to participate in the International Day of Italian Cuisine

On June 2, chefs and restaurateurs must add Pasta, cannellini beans with mussels to their menus, following the official IDIC recipe. Participants will receive a personalized poster for the promotion of the event. To register, click HERE

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