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by Emmanuel Hamon
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Recipe for a 60 cm x 40 cm frame

Lime mousse
225 g egg whites
225 g sugar
600 g lime puree
21 g gelatin
600 g whipping cream
Soften and drain the gelatin in cold water, then heat it with 120 g of lime puree and mix with the remaining puree. Make an Italian meringue with the egg whites and sugar cooked at 121°C. After cooling the meringue, mix it with the lime puree and the whipped cream.

Lemon madeleine biscuit
700 g eggs
560 g sugar
180 g honey
700 g flour
32 g baking powder
8 g salt
700 g melted butter
4 lemon zest
Mix the eggs with the sugar and honey. Add the sifted flour, baking powder and salt. Then incorporate the melted butter and lemon zest. Pour into a 60 x 40 cm frame placed on a baking sheet, and place it in the refrigerator overnight. The following day, bake at 175°C for 20 minutes.

Gelified grapefruit coulis
1500 g grapefruit juice 
300 g caster sugar 
36 g gelatin sheets 
1 grapefruit zest
Heat together the grapefruit juice and the sugar, remove from heat, add the gelatin and zest, and pour into a 60 cm x 40 cm frame. Reserve in a cooling chamber.

Citrus meringue
200 g sugar
200 g icing sugar
200 g eggs whites
mix of citrus zest
Beat the egg whites until stiff and tighten them with caster sugar. Then add the icing sugar and citrus zest delicately, using a spatula. Place in oven at 100°C for 2 hours. Halfway through, the meringues are cooked to the outside, so it is easy to take and break them coarsely in two or three pieces.

Make the lime mousse. Pour half of the mousse in the frame containing the madeleine biscuit. Cover with the frozen gelified grapefruit coulis. Finish by covering with the rest of the lime mousse. Place in a freezer.
Turn out the frame and spray the dessert using a gun with a mixture of 50% cocoa butter, 50% white chocolate and some titanium oxide (to obtain the white colouring).
Cut through the frame some entremets or individual proportions, decorate them with a few pieces of citrus meringue, put some white and striped pink chocolate discs, some lime zest and some broken yellow and orange macarons.

Emmanuel Hamon
Brest, France






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