PASTRY CONCEPT® by Leonardo Di Carlo


16 October 2015: CURTAIN UP!



PASTRY CONCEPT® is Leonardo Di Carlo’s exciting business adventure. After almost 30 years’ experience in the pastry trade, 23 of which spent travelling the world as a lecturer and expert in international schools and companies, Leonardo Di Carlo is setting up his own training centre where he will continue his search for knowledge and share his skills with those who aspire to learning and acquiring the tools with which to improve their performance and boost their business.  
Directing and working behind the scenes is Michela Balliana, the person who is helping in the management of Leonardo’s profession and, most importantly, Leonardo’s life partner.  She takes care of administration, sales and marketing.
The venue is a new construction in Conegliano, in North-Eastern Italy. It is close to the town centre but far from traffic and noise.  It has been designed by professional architects according to Leonardo and Michela’s priorities, with a small reception room, a simple but efficient office and a lecture room provided with the best technology the market offers. The lecture room is suitable for courses with a limited number of working professionals, but is versatile enough to comfortably seat the entire audience.
Pastry Concept® courses are always held for a limited number of participants; according to the subject and type of course the places available go from 6 to 12 to ensure that all attendees gain valuable experience and benefit from close contact with the instructor.

PASTRY CONCEPT® organizes several types of courses and consultancies, each dedicated to a different target:
PASTRY CONCEPT® Profession Pastry Cook Course
For professionals in the trade who want to put themselves to the test and widen their knowledge or refresh their talent as “pastry artisans”.

PASTRY CONCEPT® Scientific Pastry Course
A course on the fundamentals of pastry ingredients and the different pastry categories, their qualities and processing methods, and simple notions of chemistry and physics, to better understand what happens to ingredients when they are handled.  Provides in-depth knowledge of basic pastry production.

PASTRY CONCEPT® Gourmand Course
For amateurs and fans of the art of pastry making, for those who are new to the trade, and for those who seek to improve their technique or learn about innovative methods and preparations.
PASTRY CONCEPT® proposes technological innovation through research, development and study. Teaches how to improve existing products, create new ones, or upgrade production processes.

PASTRY CONCEPT® Bespoke Consultancy Services
PASTRY CONCEPT® provides consultancy services tuned to meet the requirements of individual clients.
Setting up a new business;
Tailor-made courses;
Consultancies on clients’ premises;
Corporate training.

PASTRY CONCEPT® Courses for Associations and Companies
PASTRY CONCEPT® provides custom training courses tailored to the needs of individual clients.

PASTRY CONCEPT® Courses for foreign groups who wish to learn about Italian pastry making
PASTRY CONCEPT® organizes training courses centred on Italian pastry making, a flair recognised, envied and copied worldwide.
In addition, for those interested in the local sights, on the last day we can organize a tour of Treviso and, of course, a trip to explore the unique atmosphere of Venice.

Distance Consultancy Service
PASTRY CONCEPT® uses cutting edge technology to provide distance consultancy services.

Courses held at:
Conegliano (Treviso), Italy
Via Giuseppe Lazzarin 68/C

Are you ready to join us at PASTRY CONCEPT® ?  Enrol now and leave the rest to us!

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