Pastry & Culture. Sigep Rimini

Pastry & Culture
Sigep Rimini
37th International Craft #Gelato, #Pastry and #Bread-Making Expo
Rimini Fiera, Italy 23-27 January 2016

Spotlighting the top traditions and innovations, which are skilfully combined to showcase Italian pastry-making culture and much more, with training and skill development always at the top of the agenda. Guest Stars, the winners of the World Pastry Cup Emmanuele Forcone, Francesco Boccia, Fabrizio Donatone, with the Club de la Coupe du Monde – Team Italy

In the wake of the growing success of the previous four editions, on 24 september GlamourItalianCakes presents the 5th ITALIAN PASTRY ART CUP (an event by Pasticceria Internazionale and Tervi). The theme for the 2016 contest is “Songs, Music, Artists”. 10 finalists selected in an online contest will go head-to-head on cake aesthetics and flavour, in front of a panel of expert judges.


On 25 September, SigepGIOVANI 25 years of history!
Students and teachers from professional catering schools have been taking centre stage at Sigep since 1991 through internships, demos, visits, mentoring programmes and a competition reserved just for them. This year SigepGIOVANI will celebrate 25 years with a new theme: Chocolate… true love!


Coffee becomes an integral part of the pastry-creating process, generating a new symphony of expression.
On tuesday 26 September will be the first Italian edition of the Wake Up Coffee & Espresso Ice Cream, organised by Conpait and Torrefazione Dubbini.
This competition presents a double challenge: two prizes will be awarded for the best leavened breakfast pastry and the best ice-cream, both featuring coffee as an ingredient and served with an espresso. A competition that will put the skill, technique and imagination of Italian pastry chefs to the test.

wake up

PC 2

Pastry&Culture continues on 27 September with more demonstrations and the exhibition!

Coordination by Conpait
Special Partner Pasticceria Internazionale and Federazione Italiana Cuochi
Organized by Rimini Fiera



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