Pastry Line and the new Glitter Tray

by Erremme

The Pastry Line by Erremme is the result of a long history, made up of manufacturing know-how, outstanding quality and knowledge of the great Italian pastry tradition. Today it includes a wide range of containers, trays and single portions, capable of satisfying both functional and aesthetic requirements. All the products are made of PS and/or PET, i.e. non-toxic and aseptic plastic materials, for maximum hygiene and resistance to moisture.
Among the leading items of the line, it is worth mentioning the new Glitter Tray, an example of design, functionality, quality and manufacturing excellence by Erremme. It is available in diameters 9 and 12 cm and is made ​​both in the classic gold color and in two innovative hues, that is brown with gold glitters and black with silver glitters. These new chromatic combinations are meant to add value to the desserts, transferring an innovative and sophisticated image. The Glitter Tray is also equipped with practical transparent lids made in two heights (namely 5.5 cm and 7.5 cm for the 9 cm diameter and 6.5 cm and 8.5 cm for the 12 cm diameter), to favor both the take away option and the preservation of cakes and desserts.

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