Pastry Live 2013


2012 Signature Plated Dessert Second Place

Pastry Live 2013, will be held August 25th, 26th and 27th in Atlanta, GA…

    2012 Signature Plated Dessert-1st Place

Now in its third year, Pastry Live brings the pastry world a taste of the industry’s top talents over the course of three days. Backed by the motto of “By Chefs, For Chefs,” this grassroots event was created by industry chefs aiming to bring new ideas, techniques and designs to light and encourage the highest level of competition possible. The brainchild of Pastry Chef Paul Bodrogi, with over 20 years of industry experience, and Michael Joy of the Chicago School of Mold making, Pastry Live is a new major pastry event, hosting competitions which don’t call for huge sacrifices from chefs and seminars that provide top level training. Each year, industry leading pastry artists share invaluable techniques, while chefs contend in intense competitions. Seminar attendees get to experience incredible airbrushing, mouthwatering candies, ornate sugar-work, elaborate cake artistry and more. Pastry Live 2013, to be held August 25th, 26th and 27th in Atlanta, GA, will host several competitions including the Art of Cake, the Chocolatier of the Year, the National Showpiece Championship, the Signature Plated Dessert and the Student Chocolate Challenge. Highlighted during these competitions will be some of the nation’s premier talents, from veteran competitors to rising stars. The National Showpiece Championship features eight teams of two chefs who will have only seven hours in which to prepare and present their showpieces, all while following a unique set of requirements for their creation’s construction. Each team will choose from either chocolate or sugar to showcase their talent and ingenuity while competing for the title of National Showpiece Champions and a cash prize of $5,000. The Chocolatier of the Year competition is designed with small chocolatier business owners in mind, offering national recognition for their skills and the opportunity for these artisans to display their talents in a competitor friendly environment.  In order to give the audience a voice in the judging process, attendees will have the chance to taste test the competitor’s chocolates and vote for their favorite chocolatier for the People’s Choice Award. A cake competition that emphasizes the artistry of cake, the Art of Cake calls for competitors to transform cake into creations inspired by great artists and art time periods of the past, the 2013 theme being Art Nouveau. Flavor is equally as important, as competitors must also present a tasting cake for the judging panel’s approval. The Signature Plated Dessert competition brings to light both the delicate beauty of plated desserts and the talented chefs that create them. Each competitor is encouraged to craft not only elegant, well-balanced desserts, but revolutionary creations that display their culinary flair and  expertise. In addition to each competition, seminars featuring the top names in the industry will take place. Designed to help attendees learn the skills they need to get to the next level, various topics will be covered during each seminar, offering cutting edge techniques and top level training. In previous years, educational seminars with some of the world’s top pastry chefs have taken place over the course of the event. Past presenters include Stéphane Tréand M.O.F., Jean-Marie Auboine, Susan Notter and Karen Portaleo, as well as Coupe du Monde competitors Andy Chlebana, Stephen Durfee and Jim Mullaney. For tickets and more details on this year’s Pastry Live, visit

 Art of Cake 2012 1st Place   2012 Chocolatier of the Year 1st Place

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