Team Captain Bill Foltz Cori Schlemmer

The most robust pastry event in the States,
featuring no less than six different competitions in three days and seminar presentations.
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Written by Jimmy MacMillan PurePastry


We made a road trip this summer to Atlanta in August to check out the annual Pastry Live event. Pastry Live is currently the most robust pastry event in the States, featuring no less than six different competitions in three days and seminar presentations from accomplished Pastry Chefs and Cake Artisits: Karen Porteleo, Lauren Haas, Nicholas Lodge, Rocco Lagrine, Stephan Iten, myself and master mold maker Michael Joy.
Michael Joy is also co-founder of Pastry Live, along with Chef Paul Bodrogi, and Principal/Partner of the Chicago School of Mold Making.
This year Pastry Live moved into a much larger and more exciting venue at 200 Peach Tree. “The new venue allows us enough space for the competitors, sponsors and judges to come together to watch the competitions, network and celebrate our industry”, commented Joy. The new space was an exquisite multi-level venue with chandeliers, huge competition areas and dedicated seminar space. The format of several competitions a day was interesting and allows for more involvement of pastry chefs at all levels. It is refreshing to see a category exclusively for students, as it is important that opportunities for the future of our industry.

“We’re looking forward to making the trek to Atlanta every year to watch the evolution of this important industry event for pasty chefs. Below are the winners from the 2014 Pastry Live”. RYAN STIPP and ANGELA KIM

“As someone who has never competed to this extent before, I do feel Pastry Live is a good competition to get your feet wet with because of how young of an event it still is and how hands on and personal everyone is with everyone else. Even if you don’t have someone there, Pastry Live is there rooting and cheering you on.” RYAN STIPP

“From the moment I heard about the National Showpiece Championship I was intrigued.  Having to design your showpiece to balance on 3 separate bases challenges the traditional design process.  But, completing the showpiece from scratch in 7 hours adds quite an adrenaline rush to it.  It is an honor to be part of Pastry Live and look forward to seeing what great things will come from it in the future.” BILL FOLTZ


Chocolatier of the Year
Chocolatiers and owners of chocolate shops bring in two types of chocolate sold in their shop. The chocolates are judged on taste and appearance.
2014 Chocolatier of the Year & Audience Choice Award: Justin Fry of Norman Love Confections.
2nd Place: William Dean Brown of William Dean Chocolates
3rd Place: Rodrigo Romo of Tout Chocolat

Justin Fry William Dean Brown Rodrigo Romo

Signature Plated Dessert Competition
Pastry chefs from restaurants across the nation will create and present eight plates of just one dessert that best represents their signature culinary style.

1st Place: Angela Kim of The Modern
2nd Place: Deden Putra of The Peninsula New York
3rd Place: Jove T. Hubbard of The James Hotel and David Burke’s Primehouse

Angela Kim Deden Putra Jove T. Hubbard

National Showpiece Championship
The Pastry Live Showpiece Championship is conducted before a team of 20 judges who are among the nation’s most accomplished pastry chefs. Teams of two chefs choose either chocolate or sugar as their showpiece medium. The winning showpiece will earn its team the title of National Showpiece Champions.

Most Excellent/Best Overall:
Best Sugar Showpiece:
Competitors’ Choice:
Team Captain Bill Foltz
Cori Schlemmer
L’Auberge Casino Resort Lake Charles

Team Captain Bill Foltz Cori Schlemmer

Best Artistry & Best Chocolate Showpiece:
Team Captain Christophe Rull
MGM Grand, Hotel and Casino
Nicolas Rio
Jean-Marie Auboine, Las Vegas


The Art of Cake
A Cake Competition that emphasizes the artistry of sculptured cakes.
1st Place: Cathy Kincaid of Pulaski Technical College

Cathy Kincaid of Pulaski Technical College details

2nd Place: Diane Fehder of The Merion

Diane Fehder of The Merion details

3rd Place: Jessie Anne Reilly of Take the Cake Decor
Jessie Anne Reilly of Take the Cake Decor


Dessert Cup
Verrine competition in its first year, with a strong turnout of thirteen entries.

1st Place: Laurent Vals of Laurent Vals Handcrafted Chocolates for his “Catalan Verrine.”
2nd Place: Ryan Stipp of The Blackthorn Club for his “Mediterranean Reese’s Cup.”
3rd Place & People’s Choice: Johnny Wesley of Mr. Peeples Restaurant for his “Smoked Black Forest Cake.”

Dessert Cup Vals Stipp Weley

Student Chocolate Challenge
Current baking and pastry students from schools across the country are asked to create and present chocolate showpieces exhibiting their creativity and talents.
1st Place: Nayeli Gallegos of the College of Dupage
2nd Place: Rachel Dau of the College of DuPage
3rd Place: Markie Bain of the College of Dupage

Nayeli Gallegos Rachel Dau Markie Bain




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