Pastry must be creative


The famous pastry shop Yoku Moku introduces the homonymous museum in Tokyo

For a good dessert, sincerity and craftsmanship are required: ingredients that express of places and time, together with know-how. Pastry is not mere production, but a creation. This is what inspires one of the most famous sweet brands in the Japan, Yoku Moku, which since last October has also been a museum in Tokyo, with one of the most complete collections of ceramics created by the famous artist Pablo Picasso.

The architecture and operating design, curated by Yoshihiro Kurita, embody the founding concept of Yoku Moku Co., according to which “pastry must be creative”. This is why Picasso, considered the greatest exponent of unconventional creativity that moves art and amazes the viewer. Thus the founders consider creativity, combined with craftsmanship and quality raw materials, the basis of their creations. The same graphic design of the museum communicates a common identity, based on form and expression, both of the works of the famous artist and of the pastry shop, in a variation of blue, a color that is found in the logo, as well as in posters, catalogs and museum articles.

Located in the residential area of Minami-Aoyama, the museum offers educational programs, in which art therapy and pastry together involve in emotional experiences, made of relaxation and creative mind exercise. This is because the company aims to make people happy with biscuits and cigare, borrowed from the French tradition, served in the many cafes around the Country and the world. The secret of their desserts seems to be butter, exclusively from Hokkaido, the result of a process that changes over the year course, to ensure the characteristic taste.

The museum architecture evokes a Sichu-no-Sankyo, that is a mountain house in the city: two floors with a roof that is a tribute to the traditional barrel tile of the Côte d’Azur, where Picasso stayed after the war. The Caffè Vallauris, inside the museum, next to the library dedicated to the Spanish artist, refers to the name of the city in the South of France. Here the Art for Cafè menu is proposed, which is an artistic kit with drinks and baked goods to enjoy relaxation while the mind is engaged in creative work.


The Yoku Moku Museum will host the exhibition “Picasso: Life on the Côte d’Azur” until next September 26, 2021




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