Pastry’s Memories

“Pasticceria Internazionale” Study Center on show in Prato.

“Pastry’s memories through tools, moulds, tin boxes and ancient documents”: this was the title of the exihibition sponsored by Prato province, and held last October, at Palazzo Banci Buonamici, in Prato. 
The exposition which is the fruit of the cooperation between PI Study Center of Chiriotti Editori – that has offered the historical stuff- and Prato Confartigianato, with the artistical direction of Marina Mannori, showed ancient moulds and tools, tin and cardboard boxes, prints and historical documents, close to local ancient recipes and related tastings made by the Consorzio Pasticcieri Pratesi. Some examples are: the berlingozzos (already existing at the age of Cosimo I de Medici) and the curly almond biscuits, which are named also in the “Gattopardo” book.

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