Antonio Le Rose, a renowned chocolatier from Genova (Italy), measures himself with recipes of fragranced pralines which unite chocolate with the scents and flavours of the Italian straw wine Zibibbo.
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Basic cream with Zibibbo*

egg yolks    n    10
brown sugar    g    300
Zibibbo wine*    g    250
Buon Gusto alcohol**   g    60
Cook over a flame in a copper pan and cool quickly.

*The name Zibibbo comes from the Arab zabib or zibibb, meaning grape. The vine variety is widespread in the Mediterranean area. Both a selected dry white wine and the sweet straw Moscato from Pantelleria (Sicily) are obtained by Zibibbo grapes.
**Buon Gusto is an ethyl alcohol 95° produced by the Italian company Sprint Distillery. It is mainly used for homemade production of spirits and liqueurs and professional uses.


basic cream with Zibibbo    g    500
melted white chocolate    g    400
Buon Gusto alcohol    g    50
melted cocoa butter    g    80
Crystallize on marble.


Place small ganache truffles on a sheet of baking paper using a sac à poche with a n. 8 nozzle. Place another sheet of baking paper on top, press lightly using a baking tray, to obtain “medals” of 2.5 cm and leave to rest for at least 8 hours. Remove the baking paper, brush the surface with tempered dark chocolate and then turn the pralines over. Place some Zibibbo grapes on top (sun dried with all the stalk and then the pips are removed by hand) and cover with the dark chocolate coating 60%.

Antonio Le Rose
Il Tempio del Cioccolato, Genova
photo Andrea Pace

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